ZESPRI® GOLD Can Help Reduce Cold Symptoms

Media Release - 19 December 2011

​New research reinforces the health and nutritional benefits of Gold kiwifruit, finding that eating the fruit on a regular basis helps to reduce the symptoms of a cold.
The study, "Consumption of gold kiwifruit reduces severity and duration of selected upper respiratory tract symptoms and increases plasma Vitamin C concentration in healthy older adults", was completed by Plant & Food Research and has been published in the British Journal of Nutrition.
The research was sponsored by ZESPRI, and is part of an ongoing drive by ZESPRI, in association with leading health research bodies, to understand the health and nutrition benefits of both green and gold kiwifruit.
In the study it was found that regular consumption of gold kiwifruit did show benefits in reducing certain symptoms of colds, namely; the duration of sore throat and head congestion and the severity of head congestion.
The 20-week study was conducted over the winter and spring period and tracked the health of 37 healthy older people. The participants were asked to eat ZESPRI® GOLD Kiwifruit daily for four weeks then switch to banana (or vice versa), with a four week kiwifruit/ banana-free period prior to each treatment period.
The results showed a reduction in self-reported cold symptoms with gold kiwifruit compared to banana, with sore throat symptoms reducing from 5.4 days to 2.0 days and head congestion from 4.7 days to 0.9 days.
Natalie Milne, Health Marketing Manager for ZESPRI, said the study was further evidence of the tremendous nutritional properties of kiwifruit.
“Eating just one ZESPRI® Kiwifruit a day provides you with your daily requirement of vitamin C and offers much more; they are high in fibre, aid protein digestion and contain vitamin E. When eaten daily, as part of a healthy diet, ZESPRI® Kiwifruit offer numerous health benefits; allowing individuals to stay healthy and fight disease and infection,” Ms Milne said.

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