New Research Links Vitamin C to Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Media Release - 19 July 2010

​News reports across New Zealand this evening announce significant research findings from scientists at the University of Otago School of Medicine that have just been published in the Cancer Research Journal.

The research links Vitamin C to both cancer prevention and the successful treatment of cancer; slowing the growth of tumour cells and making them more responsive to chemotherapy.

Vitamin C is an essential requirement for living tissues and plays an essential role in the maintenance of good health and the body’s immune response.

ZESPRI® Kiwifruit are an exceptional source of Vitamin C - one kiwifruit can provide the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Weight for weight ZESPRI® Kiwifruit provide almost twice the Vitamin C of oranges.

This research and other studies that are underway support the recommendation that ZESPRI® Kiwifruit, consumed daily as part of a healthy diet, help to boost the body’s vitamin levels, protecting the body from multiple adverse cellular events, and help strengthen the body’s natural defences.

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