ZESPRI® GOLD Kiwifruit is a better source of vitamin C than supplements

Media Release - 27 May 2011

New research has discovered that vitamin C from ZESPRI® GOLD Kiwifruit is far more effectively absorbed into the body than a supplement.

In a recent study published by the internationally heralded American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers at University of Otago, Christchurch found that mice absorbed vitamin C from ZESPRI® GOLD Kiwifruit five times more effectively than an artificial vitamin C supplement.

Lead researcher, Associate Professor Margreet Vissers said “Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for humans as it assists in completing a variety of chemical reactions in organs and body tissues essential for daily health. As humans are unable to generate their own vitamin C, vitamin C needs to be sourced from the foods we eat”.

In this study, vitamin C-deficient mice were fed a known quantity of vitamin C over a month, either as ZESPRI® GOLD Kiwifruit or as an equivalent of artificial vitamin C supplement.

“The results were astounding – the mice that were fed the ZESPRI® GOLD Kiwifruit absorbed vitamin C much more effectively than those given the purified supplement form, and they also retained it in their organs and tissues for longer,” added Professor Vissers.

This research is the first of its kind to demonstrate the effectiveness of a food source of vitamin C in achieving and maintaining optimal vitamin C levels compared to a supplement, one of the most commonly consumed vitamin supplements.

Natalie Milne, Health Marketing Manager for ZESPRI said, “These vitamin C results are very exciting for ZESPRI. To know the vitamin C in ZESPRI® GOLD Kiwifruit – a natural fruit, grown here in a clean, green and safe environment - is more than 5 times better absorbed by the body than a vitamin C supplement, confirms our view that ZESPRI® Kiwifruit can naturally strengthen and protect the body for daily good health".

“Eating just one ZESPRI® Kiwifruit a day provides you with your daily requirement of vitamin C and offers much more; they are high in fibre, aid protein digestion and contain vitamin E. When eaten daily, as part of a healthy diet, ZESPRI® Kiwifruit offer numerous health benefits; allowing individuals to stay healthy and fight disease and infection,” added Ms Milne.

This study is just one phase of ZESPRI’s innovative health science programme, partnering with leading international researchers to demonstrate the valuable role that kiwifruit can play in naturally protecting the body and boosting health and vitality.

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