Zespri’s Code of Conduct is to guide us to doing the right thing. It is our commitment to conducting business in a legal and ethical manner wherever in the world we may operate. Our Code confirms our commitment to doing the right thing in business when faced with difficult decisions.  Our Code is principles-based and is there to guide us to make the right decisions which are based on our values and commitments.  Our Code covers important areas, such as conducting business in compliance with laws and regulations, a safe and health work environment, how we behave with customers and competitors, our commitment to food safety and protecting company assets. Each section contains key principles and expectations, and advice on where to find further information.

» Zespri Code of Conduct (November 2017)

» Zespri Supplier Code of Conduct (July 2018)

» Zespri Customer Code of Conduct (July 2018)

» Zespri Health and Safety Policy (June 2015)