Kiwifruit industry gears up for Anchor AIMS Games - Nearly 3 tonnes of Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit to be handed out355715/09/2019 5:25:59 a.m.196htmlFalseaspxMedia Release<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/190826-AIMS.jpg?RenditionID=7" width="150" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />2019-08-25T12:00:00.0000000Z​Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit is the perfect combination of taste and great nutrition and provides essential vitamins and nutrients for active, healthy minds and bodies. In fact one Zespri SunGold contains all your daily vitamin C requirements.
Fight against Psa recognised with 2019 Kiwifruit Innovation Award2178315/09/2019 5:25:59 a.m.608htmlFalseaspxMedia Release from Zespri<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/190806-InnovationAward.jpg?RenditionID=7" width="150" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />2019-08-04T12:00:00.0000000Z​​New Zealand scientist Dr Philip Elmer has won the kiwifruit industry’s top innovation award for his contribution to the fight against diseases and the industry’s efforts to become more sustainable.
Compostable Branding for Fresh Produce337315/09/2019 5:25:59 a.m.849htmlFalseaspxMedia Release from Sinclair<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/19-06-14-Sinclair.jpg?RenditionID=7" width="150" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />2019-06-05T12:00:00.0000000ZHigh-speed, automated fresh produce labelling has taken a significant step forward at Sinclair.
2018/19 season results: Zespri operating revenue exceeds $3 billion2182615/09/2019 5:25:59 a.m.1260htmlFalseaspxMedia Release<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/170711-kiwifruit.jpg?RenditionID=7" width="150" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />2019-05-22T12:00:00.0000000ZZespri’s returns to growers and the industry reached new levels on the back of strong growth in both volume and value and across all fruit categories last season, with operating revenue from global kiwifruit sales and licence release revenue exceeding $3
Māori blessing opens new Zespri office in Bologna2181915/09/2019 5:57:38 a.m.447htmlFalseaspxMedia Release<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/19-05-22-Blessing.jpg?RenditionID=7" width="150" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />2019-05-21T12:00:00.0000000ZZespri has officially opened its new office in Bologna with a traditional Māori blessing and the hanging of a unique Māori carving to emphasise Zespri Europe’s connection to New Zealand.
Māori kiwifruit delegation to forge stronger ties with Zespri on European tour2179515/09/2019 5:25:59 a.m.164htmlFalseaspxMedia Release<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/19-05-16-Maori-Grower-Tour.jpg?RenditionID=7" width="150" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" />2019-05-15T12:00:00.0000000ZA delegation of Māori kiwifruit growers has travelled to Europe to bless the new Zespri office in Bologna, commemorate ancestors fallen in the World Wars, and forge stronger ties with fellow Zespri growers from New Zealand and offshore.