KiwiPointers - Orchard Basics for Orchard Workers


How well do you think you run your orchard inductions? How well do your workers understand the dos and dont's on your property?

We’re here to help with KiwiPointers – a new set of resources to help you get your workforce up and running fast and safely, whether it’s for general orchard work or at harvest. While we know they’re not perfect, we hope they’ll be really useful to support your existing orchard induction process, and remind you of the key things to talk to your team about.


How to use the KiwiPointer resources:



Watch together as a team before you start work, or send to your staff to watch before they arrive on day one. You can watch online or download to have available even when you’re not on-line. To download click the 'vimeo' logo on the bottom right of the video below, this will open in your brower, then select download.



Video with Punjabi subtitles:


Info Slides

Print out the slides and work through the pack one by one, using the pictures and information to prompt discussion about what happens on YOUR orchard, what you expect of your team and what they can expect of you.

KiwiPointers Slides Part 1

KiwiPointers Slides Part 2


Info Posters

Hang somewhere prominent as a visual reminder of key topics, and use the QR code to easily access the videos for more detail. Great to have in the smoko shed, office or even at the local backpackers.

KiwiPointers Poster - Orchard Basics

KiwiPointers Poster - Harvest Basics


Who to Ask?

If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact the Global Extension Team ( Also, please contact the team if there’s any content that’s of concern and they’ll be sure to include this feedback in any updates.