Zespri Horticultural Scholarships

Zespri is providing up to $10,000 towards tuition fees for two outstanding current university students to support their studies towards a career in the horticulture industry. This could include degrees in science, management, marketing, nutrition or business for example. The scholarship also includes opportunities to be involved with the kiwifruit industry.



What you get:

• Up to $10,000 ($5000 per year for two years) towards tuition fees.

• Opportunities to be involved in the kiwifruit industry


Who should apply?

Anyone who is completing or has completed at least one year of tertiary study and is aspiring to a career in the horticulture industry, particularly kiwifruit.



To be eligible for a Zespri Horticultural Scholarship you need to:

• Have passed NCEA Level 3 with merit or excellence.

• Pass (or be on track to pass) your first year of tertiary studies with a B+ average or higher.

• Be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

• Give examples of how your study will benefit the horticulture industry.

• Provide examples of your leadership skills, community service and/or sporting or cultural


How to apply

Applications for the 2020 Zespri Horticultural Scholarships are now closed.


More information

For more information email scholarships@zespri.com



2019 recipients


Meet our 2019 scholarship recipients George Hyauiason and Dylan Hall.

George (left) is entering into the second year of his Bachelor of Horticultural Science at Massey University in Palmerston North. He’s passionate about the kiwifruit industry because of the massive growth its currently experiencing and says “Kiwifruit in New Zealand is an industry growing in size like no other. It is a pioneering industry for the whole horticultural sector. Life long, exciting careers are built in kiwifruit, through Zespri!”

Dylan (right) is also at Massey University, currently studying towards a Bachelor of Agricommerce majoring in International Agribusiness. The best thing about kiwifruit in his opinion is the number of diverse opportunities within the industry and the benefits it provides local communities, such as employment. He’s also “intrigued about the various elements involved in the process of getting fruit from the orchard to the marketplace.”


2018 recipients

Meet our 2018 scholarship recipients Aimee Elliott and Andrew Jenkins.


Aimee is currently studying an Agribusiness degree at the University of Waikato and is a keen athlete. For her, the best thing about the kiwifruit industry is the wide range of people, skills and opportunities available, along with the resilience the industry has shown over recent years.


Andrew has previously worked in kiwifruit and is studying a Bachelor of Commerce at Victoria University. He says the best thing about the kiwifruit industry is the variety of work available. From orchards, to packhouse, to labs, to offices there is something for everyone, with plenty of jobs available and often new ones being created.


2017 recipients


Meet our 2017 scholarship recipient Alex Tomkins.


Alex is studying a Bachelor in agri commerce, majoring in international agri business. Her thoughts on the best thing about the kiwifruit industry: “Even though I haven't grown up on an orchard or lived on one, they're all around me in the Bay of Plenty. My dream job is to work in a primary industry, to be a CEO in the future, putting New Zealand products on the world stage.”


2016 recipients


Our 2016 scholarship recipients were Georgia Cook and Libby Bradley.


Georgia Cook (left)

Studying: Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Nutrition.

Best thing about the kiwifruit industry: "It's so wide, from engineering to law like Libby's doing, through to dietetics - I had no idea the kiwifruit industry was such a big industry, bringing together so many people. It's really nice to be recognised and for Zespri to think I'm worth backing and supporting - it takes a long time to earn that amount of money."


Libby Bradley (right)

Studying: Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Commercial Law.

Best thing about the kiwifruit industry: "Horticulture and kiwifruit definitely have big futures," Libby said. "Our school and whole community is based around kiwifruit orchards and I've definitely learned how much a good kiwifruit season can help the community, in so many ways like sponsorship and employment.”


2015 recipients


Our 2015 Zespri Horticultural Scholarship recipients were Lizzie (Elizabeth) Boyle and Jack Keeys:


Lizzie Boyle (left)

Studying: A Bachelor of Science majoring in food science and minoring in marketing.

Best thing about receiving a Zespri scholarship: ‘Getting to see what the horticulture industry is all about; how large it is and how the different aspects combine together.’


Jack Keeys (right)

Studying: A Bachelor of Business Management Studies and a Bachelor of Science.

Best thing about working in the kiwifruit industry: ‘The exciting thing about the kiwifruit industry is that it has a strong foundation but it still has massive growth opportunities.’