How can you fall asleep faster and sleep better?

How can you fall asleep faster and sleep better?

  • Zespri SunGold kiwifruit
  • Zespri Green kiwifruit

Sleep is one of the most important factors in mental and physical health. So how can the nutritious and delicious Zespri™ Green kiwifruit help you get those precious zzz’s? Keep reading for tips and hints on how to enjoy more shut-eye each and every night.

Create a routine


A calm night starts with a calm day. (Note, we said calm, not BORING!). Find your inner zen by pre-preparing some food dishes in advance to help take the stress out of mealtimes:

  • Feel reassured that the week’s meals are organised
  • Avoid ordering last minute takeaways that may be overly filling or unhealthy
  • Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about tomorrow’s dinner!

Fun Fact:

Zespri™ Green kiwifruit freezes excellently, making it the perfect ingredient for meals that are stored in the freezer and then defrosted at your leisure.

Choose the right options


With only 81 kcal per 100 g1, Zespri™ Green kiwifruit is a snack that won’t leave you bloated and uncomfortable before bedtime. Slice it, dice it, or scoop it straight out the skin – you’ll have delicious dreams all night long!

More tips for regular sleep patterns:

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can prevent you from falling into a deep sleep
  • Keep a food diary to help figure out what interrupts your sleep
  • Try a sleep spray on your pillow for instant relaxation
  • Listen to calming music or an audiobook for 10-20 minutes before bed

Stay active in the day


If you find your mind racing at night, it might be because your body hasn’t been sufficiently active during the day. Regular exercise is thought to bring many sleep benefits:

  1. It can help you relax your mind and clear it of any worries.
  2. It can tire you out physically, which means you are more likely to fall into a deep and restful sleep

What is your favourite time to exercise?

  • A 30 minute stroll after dinner can help prepare the body for sleep
  • Exercise first thing in the morning can energise you for the rest of the day.

Have a think about what fits with your lifestyle and needs. Don’t be afraid to try something new – you could join a dance class, try out a new team sport, or sign-up to an online yoga session. Plus, if you feel a little peckish when you finish, snack on a couple of fresh Zespri™ Green kiwifruit before bed. They’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, and provide you with a boost of essential vitamins and minerals1.

Design a restful environment


How many non-sleeping hours do you spend in your bedroom? Maybe you use it to do some work in the evenings, or as a place to escape to when the rest of the house is feeling a little bit crowded. Whatever the case, you might want to put a limit on it. That’s because the more that the bedroom is associated with sleep, the easier you’ll find it to relax.

Fun Fact:

Mobile phones and tablets might be a fun distraction before bed, but they can actually disrupt your sleep patterns. Want a better distraction? Try a delicious Zespri Green kiwifruit™ for a midnight snack.

Prepare your digestive system for sleep


Zespri™ Green kiwifruit is a rich source of fibre, a nutrient that has been linked with digestive health and comfort2, 3. It also contains the enzyme actinidin, a natural enzyme that can help speed up protein-digestion and reduce sensations of heaviness4. So if you can’t sleep because it feels like you’re still digesting your dinner, think about including a couple in your daily diet.

This snack recipe for chocolate kiwi bites is high in fibre and taste – the perfect end to the evening!


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