Industry Profiles

There are a wide variety of jobs and careers within the kiwifruit industry, ranging from on-orchard, post-harvest, business skills, research and innovation, right through to working on shipping vessels. Below are just a few examples from kiwifruit industry representatives.


  • Sonia Whiteman

    Sonia Whiteman

    Innovation Team Leader

    Innovation Team Leader - Zespri International Ltd

    "I hope to act as an advocate for what science can do, to underpin the growth of one of New Zealand's top primary industries and provide value to our key stakeholders."  Click to find out more about Sonia's role »

  • Alasdair MacIntosh

    Alasdair MacIntosh

    ​Container Logistics Manager - Zespri International Ltd.

    “The whole industry should be proud of what it has achieved and
    should continue to work together to develop and improve on an
    already fine product.” Click to find out more about Alasdair's role»

  • Amit Pathak

    Amit Pathak

    ​Orchard Manager - DMS Progrowers Ltd

    “The kiwifruit industry in New Zealand is unique because of its
    marketing set-up. There is a lot of emphasis on developing new
    growing and handling techniques to improve fruit quality and
    productivity. I really enjoy being part of this – working hard to grow
    top-quality Gold3 on the orchards I manage. It’s even more pertinent after seeing the terrible impact of Psa on the Hort16A variety and now seeing the come-back in volumes through Gold3 production.” Click to find out more about Amit's role »


  • Casie Anthony

    Casie Anthony

    Grower Liaison Manager - Zespri International Ltd

    “I joined the industry right before Psa hit and was amazed to be part
    of an industry that pulled together and worked to make sure our
    industry not only kept on going but found ways to innovate, not just
    to survive but to prosper”. Click to find out more about Casie's role »

  • David Draffin

    David Draffin

    ​Assistant Technical Lead - Radfords Software Limited

    “It is an industry ideally-suited to software applications.” Click to find out more about David's role »

  • Hamish Fenton

    Hamish Fenton

    ​Line Manager - EastPack, Te Puke, Washer Road

    “Its fast-paced and exciting nature continues to challenge me, while
    offering room for self-improvement and a chnace to explore new opportunities.” Click to find out more about Hamish's role»

  • Ian Fryer

    Ian Fryer

    ​Employment Development Manager for NZKGI, and the Chief Executive of NZ Master Contractors Inc.

    “I like working in the industry because it has so much to offer to the
    local workforce.” Click to find out more about Ian's role»


  • John Bambury

    John Bambury

    ​Bee Keeper at Api Flora NZ

    “When you get past the long hours and arduous physical side of it,
    beekeeping is a truly wonderful job.” Click to find out more about John's role»

  • Kalkot Namaka

    Kalkot Namaka

    ​Team Leader for Ni-Vanuatu RSE workers - Pukemapu Services Limited.

    “Cyclone Pam and the devastation that it caused means that I have
    lost everything that I gained over the past few years, including my
    home and all my possessions. Working this year is even more
    important than ever for me to be able to recover from the disaster.” Click to find out more about Kalkot's role»

  • Margot Cotter

    Margot Cotter

    Supply Information Manager - Zespri International Ltd

    “The people I work with are not only work colleagues but good
    friends and it also helps having great relationships with suppliers.” Click to find out more about Margot's role»

  • Mark Mayston

    Mark Mayston

    ​Grower General Manager - Bruntwood Farms Limited

    “I have a true passion for rural life and an increasing responsibility
    for rural affairs, particularly within the kiwifruit industry.” Click to find out more about Mark's role»

  • Matt Bowker

    Matt Bowker

    ​Site Manager - EastPack Washer Road

    “Even though the industry was going through Psa, I could see the
    opportunity and my career path.” Click to find out more about Matt's role»

  • Matt Dyck

    Matt Dyck

    ​Biosecurity Analyst - Kiwifruit Vine Health

    “I love working in a role that strives to protect this industry from
    pests and diseases, so that the industry can continue to produce
    and sell quality products to the global market.” Click to find out more about Matt's role»

  • Matthew Greenbank

    Matthew Greenbank

    ​Orchard Manager and Harvest Manager - DMS Progrowers Ltd

    “Being involved in the kiwifruit industry has given me the
    opportunity to travel overseas to see how they grow kiwifruit in
    other countries and enjoy different cultures.” Click to find out more about Matthew's role»

  • Nicola Mauchline

    Nicola Mauchline

    ​Applied Entomologist - Plant & Food Research

    “The industry is constantly responding to challenges including
    changes to key markets and compliance standards, insect and disease incursions, removal of chemicals from crop protection programmes, and the addition of new varieties.” Click to find out more about Nicola's role»


  • Rachel Brodie

    Rachel Brodie

    ​Sustainability Co-ordinator - Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool Ltd, Te Puke

    “I love working within the kiwifruit industry because Trevelyan’s and
    Zespri are quality brands delivering a healthy and safe product to
    global markets.” Click to find out more about Rachel's role»

  • Ross Tanner

    Ross Tanner

    ​Owner Operator- Tanner Spraying Ltd

    I really enjoy talking to growers and orchard managers about
    what needs to be done on their orchards and how best to tackle any
    problems.” Click to find out more about Ross's role»


  • Shane Thorsen

    Shane Thorsen

    ​Regional Manager - Carter Holt Harvey Packaging

    “No two kiwifruit seasons are alike, with each season providing
    unique challenges to overcome.” Click to find out more about Shane's role»

  • Sophie Headley

    Sophie Headley

    Orchard Productivity Extension Leader - Zespri International Ltd

    “It is the energy of the team, fast pace of work and new challenges
    that come up each year that keeps it exciting.” Click to find out more about Sophie's role»


    Zac Hanley

    ​Science Group Leader - Plant & Food Research

    “We’ve built this industry and its reputation in a hundred years from
    nothing and we have taken on big challenges, from offshore
    competition to Psa.” Click to find out more about Zac's role»


    Megan Nicholson

    ​Green thumbs don’t really cover Megan Nicholson’s horticultural pedigree. The Massey University BSc student is so immersed in plants and plants people, her blood is likely tinged with green. Read all about Megan's horticulture career » 


    Kelly Hackett

    ​With a double degree in Physical Education and Business, Kelly Hackett proves that the kiwifruit business can be for anyone. Read all about Kelly's horticulture career »


    Mark Geuze

    27-year old Gisborne local Mark Geuze is definitely making the most of the potential in horticulture with a particular focus on social responsibility.Read all about Mark's horticulture career​»​​​


    Matt Ryan

    ​Matt Ryan has been managing 65ha of kiwifruit for three years now and is excited about the bright future that the kiwifruit industry holds. Read all about Matt's horticulture career​»