Zespri System

​​Zespri is dedicated to its customers and is focussed on consistently providing excellent product and excellent service. We recognise that a consistently high level of customer service can only be attained by an integrated Supply Chain that, from orchard to point of retail sale, is focussed on understanding and meeting consumer’s needs.

The Zespri System, the integrated production and distribution system used to deliver the world’s best kiwifruit to consumers worldwide, is one of the foundation blocks of the Zespri Brand. It is the culmination of many years of scientific, technical and practical developments and an uncompromised commitment to continual improvement.

The Zespri System recognises that quality has many components, but they all rely on a combination of best practice, excellent product and documented assurance to provide customer confidence. It has been developed in recognition of customers’ needs for comprehensive assurance that fruit has been grown and handled safely and responsibly with:

    • An understanding of current and future market and customer needs

    • A strong focus on good agricultural practice including:

      • Environmental and economic sustainability including the efficient use of natural resources

      • Integrated Pest Management

      • A socially responsible approach to workers and the communities it supports

      • Practices that maximise fruit quality, taste and storage potential of the fruit

    • ​Leading edge Good Manufacturing Practice throughout the postharvest and distribution sectors of the industry including:

      • ​​A focus on food safety culture

      • The development of an ethical trading approach

    • ​World class Quality Management systems:

      • Certified food safety systems

      • Orchard to retail traceability

      • Quality specification and measurement throughout the supply chain

      • Comprehensive feedback systems to ensure customer feedback drives continual improvement


Zespri System Overview

Quality Policy

Zespri is committed to understanding our customers' needs and providing them with products and services that meet or exceed mutually agreed specifications. Click here to view our Zespri Quality Policy for suppliers.

Social Responsibility Policy

Zespri is committed to operating a socially and environmentally responsible business and protecting the rights of workers. This means that Zespri sources product and services from suppliers that understand and observe ethical trading practices. All suppliers must be able to demonstrate their commitment to ethical trading norms, their compliance with legal employment requirements and their respect of core labour rights and dignity at work. Click here to view our Zespri Social Responsibility Policy for suppliers.

Sustainability Policy

To build a sustainable future for Zespri and our growers, post-harvest partners, shareholders and wider stakeholders, we are committed to ensuring that our economic success is integrated with proactive management of the environmental and social aspects of our business. Click here to view our Zespri Sustainability Policy for suppliers.

Food Safety Policy

Zespri is committed to producing, sourcing and supplying safe food that meets customer’s ​and consumer’s expectations and all regulatory requirements for Food Safety. Click here to view our Zespri Food Safety Policy for suppliers.​

 Zespri Systems Video



The Zespri System Assurance Programmes

A Zespri Kiwifruit label is a symbol of guaranteed quality: a trusted name. It also tells you that the kiwifruit in your hand is something special – it is grown according to the best methods available, tastes delicious and is a healthy and nutritious choice.

To make that guarantee, Zespri has a number of comprehensive and integrated assurance programmes that cover all stages of production from growing fruit in the orchard through to the packing, storage and distribution of the Zespri Kiwifruit.​

On-orchard assurance

Zespri Good Agricultural Practice (Zespri GAP)

  • ​All growers who want to export fruit must be certified to GLOBALG.A.P. 
  • Zespri GAP is based on the internationally recognised GLOBALG.A.P. Standard and incorporates additional elements to meet all of our customers’ expectations. Zespri GAP includes a wide range of standards, including ethical trading, sustainability and safe food production.
  • Zespri operates a GLOBALG.A.P. certified  Option 2 group structure for the majority of its New Zealand grower base. There are a small percentage of New Zealand growers who are independently GLOBALG.A.P. certified. Click here to view our Zespri GLOBALGAP certificate. 

Zespri Crop Protection Standard

The Zespri Crop Protection Standard advises growers which Agrichemical Compounds may be applied to fruit that will be marketed by Zespri and provides guidance on when and how they should be applied. There are different standards for Conventional and Organic production systems. These standards ensure fruit meets market requirements, is safe and suitable for our consumers and that it is produced in an environmentally responsible manner. ​

Zespri KiwiGreen (Integrated Pest Management)

Since 1997, every kiwifruit exported from New Zealand has been produced in line with our orchard management system called 'KiwiGreen'. Our KiwiGreen programme provides growers with information about pests they may find in their orchard, how to monitor these and, if necessary, how to control them in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Zespri Residue Assurance Programme

Zespri carries out extensive residue testing on fruit from each of our orchards. In this way, we can provide independent and factual information about the use of agricultural chemicals for pest and disease control and provide assurances to our markets and customers that residues limits are met.


All Zespri organic orchards are certified by BioGro New Zealand​​ Ltd, an internationally accredited organic certification body.

Maturity Testing

Ensuring that all fruit are harvested at the correct maturity is a key step in ensuring consumers receive wonderful tasting fruit. Prior to harvest all orchards are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that fruit meets Zespri's strict maturity requirements.

Post-harvest assurance


Every box of Zespri Kiwifruit sold globally can be identified and tracked back to where it was grown and packed.

Food Safety

All post-harvest facilities are required to adhere to Zespri's strict food safety standards, including certification to the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) approved food safety programme BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety.

This standard is based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) principles, where risks to food safety are systematically identified to enable appropriate controls to be put in place to manage each risk.

Grade Assurance

Zespri sets standards for the grade and quality of fruit. Zespri auditors regularly visit post-harvest facilities to ensure that these standards are complied with. Further product checks are completed prior to export and again on arrival in the market.


Zespri is an accredited partner in the New Zealand Customs Secure Export Scheme (SES). The systems in place ensure that all of Zespri’s kiwifruit exports are packed, stored and distributed in a manner that prevents tampering, contamination or threat. Click here to view our New Zealand customs certificate.


Zespri has an integrated phytosanitary compliance programme that meets the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Certification Standards. The programme is integrated throughout the Zespri business and post-harvest to ensure that product shipped to market meets the importing countries’ phytosanitar​y requirements.​