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Brought to you straight from the hands of our growers, there’s nothing but natural goodness inside our Zespri™ Organic Kiwifruit. These astonishingly delicious fruits are produced by growers like Letisha White. Dig in, taste the care she and the other growers put into growing great-tasting kiwifruit, powered by nature!



Zespri™ Organic Kiwifruit are delicious and naturally high in Vitamin C. Just 1 kiwifruit fulfils 100% of your daily vitamin C needs. In the hands of our Organic growers, the vines thrive in soils that are healthy and rich in organic matter. They comply to the international organic standards, Each and every year, Zespri Organic growers undergo a rigorous audit to maintain organic certification, ensuring growers meet international organic standards. 


In Singapore, our Zespri™ Organic Kiwifruit comply to the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Standard.



Harnessing the

Power of Nature


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The secret to our Organic Kiwifruit: our soil.

Our growers spend 3 years preparing the rich New Zealand volcanic soil before planting kiwifruit vines. Cultivating in high quality soil boosts water retention in our kiwifruit vines, and in turn regenerates soil fertility and encourages the vibrancy of the biological activities in our orchards.

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Grown using the best that nature provides.

Our expert growers test soil nutrient levels every year. Carefully guided by our soil mineral bible, we take care not to put in too much soil enrichment. What is in our soil enrichment? Only certified organic compost and fertilisers, sourced from seaweed and fish.

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Cultivated in harmony with nature.

Our organic growers understand that our Organic Kiwifruit grow better when their natural environment thrive. Which is why they provide sufficient sustenance for the entire orchard’s habitats. They proactively remove plants that attract the harmful insects and replace them with those that attract beneficial insects.

Meet Letisha White,

Zespri Organic Kiwi Grower


meet Letisha


Letisha comes from a long line of kiwifruit growers in Opotiki, New Zealand. She grew up learning how to work alongside nature to produce nature’s best, Zespri™ Organic Kiwifruit, and now even nurtures her own crop. Proactive in approach, Letisha and her family are constantly scanning the orchard to identify areas for improvement, and completing key orchard jobs such as pruning and thinning in response to the timing dictated by nature’s weather patterns.


not your average 18 year old


As part of the fifth generation to live on the land, Letisha has seen first-hand how kiwifruits grow better when the natural surroundings thrive, thanks to her deep understanding of kaitiakitanga (looking after the land for future generations).


"Today I’m nurturing my own crop. My parents were taught to love the soil beneath their feet by their parents. I’m ready to carry forth this tradition as the fourth-generation grower. My parents taught me Kaitiakitanga: the Māori concept of looking after the land for future generations. It is grounded in this wisdom and with a grasp of the importance of biodiversity that I heeded my calling to become an organic kiwifruit grower.

I practice cultivation that is the harmony of time, soil, sunlight, rainfall, irrigation and organic pest control. It is also about applying grower knowledge and skills that have been passed down four generations. The ability to harness those natural inputs and utilise them in harmony with the plants’ natural growing cycles is very important. "


By selecting Zespri™ Organic Green and Zespri™ Organic SunGold™ Kiwifruit, you have the confidence of knowing that the fruit is produced with the purity of only certified organic inputs - by growers with a passion for producing great-tasting high-quality fruit, powered by nature.


Taste the irresistible flavors of
organic goodness.

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