Zespri International Limited is the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, selling kiwifruit in more than 50 countries. We work with around 2,800 New Zealand and 1,500 international growers and post-harvest companies to source the best-quality Zespri Kiwifruit which we supply through our distribution partners to wholesale and retail customers.


Our origins lie in the challenges faced by the New Zealand kiwifruit industry in the 1980s. Rapid expansion of the industry and large crop volumes had seen supply exceed demand, and combined with unfavourable interest and foreign exchange rates, the price of kiwifruit had dipped to an all-time low, badly affecting local growers. lt was then that New Zealand kiwifruit growers decided they could do better together, leading to the creation of Zespri in 1997.


Today, we retain the exclusive rights to export kiwifruit from New Zealand to all countries other than Australia. And since our establishment, we've been able to deliver strong sustainable returns to growers, make increasingly positive contributions to our communities, and provide premium-tasting and premium-quality kiwifruit to the world.


Ultimately, our purpose is to help people, communities, and the environment around the world thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit. And our mission is to create sustainable long-term value for kiwifruit growers, by offering consumers the world’s leading portfolio of branded kiwifruit 12 months of the year.

Our Purpose and Values


Zespri’s purpose is to help people, communities and the environment around the world thrive through the goodness of Kiwifruit. We have three core values that guide us in the way we work together:

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We commit to


It’s about kaitiakitanga. Each one of us are custodians for future generations. We nurture our lands, enable our industry, and nourish people across the world.


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We are
results driven


We love personal and business challenges that help us grow and develop - measured by engagement, value creation and marked by global impact.


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We cultivate
personal connections


We are inclusive and caring – listening to each other with compassion, acting with empathy and humility, and treating each other better for it.




Powered by our purpose and charged by nature, we're a fruit on a mission -  challenging conventional healthy living beliefs to reawaken the connection between nature, food and well-being. We want to help consumers around the world to live healthy for themselves and their loved ones. Zespri Kiwifruit, including our organic varieties, are one of the healthiest foods nature can offer, brimming with goodness and sourced from rich soils.