ZESPRI in the community

Our success relies partly on the happiness and health of the communities and environment where we live and work and continual investment in the skills and leadership needed for our industry in the long term. At Zespri, we're committed to sharing this success and making positive contributions to our communities. That's why we support some of the region's local volunteer organisations who do a fantastic job with often limited resources. 




Our Three Pillars


Our community investment programme has three pillars with which our partnerships are aligned:

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a happy and healthy



The Happy and Healthy Community Pillar is the primary pillar of Zespri's community investment in New Zealand and around the world. 



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An enhanced



At Zespri, sustainability is fundamental to our purpose: helping growers, communities, the environment and consumers thrive.



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a skilled and connected



At Zespri we place a high priority on education and skills development and offer several scholarship opportunities throughout the year.



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Supporting our communities


Zespri takes immense pride in the fact that our success is our communities’ success. Because the local communities where we grow kiwifruit have such a strong influence on our industry, we want to be a strong supporter of our people and our communities.

Good Neighbor Trust staff
Good Neighbour Trust


Good Neighbour Charity is a community-focused organisation dedicated to providing vital support and assistance to those in need. With a mission to foster compassion and create positive change, Good Neighbour offers a range of services including Food Rescue, Neighbourhood Projects, Community Gardens,Firewood, Care team, Kitchen Educational programs, and more. Through collaborative efforts and unwavering commitment, Good Neighbour strives to uplift individuals and families, promoting a stronger, more resilient community for all. As a Platinum Sponsor of Good Neighbour, Zespri demonstrates its dedication to social responsibility and making a meaningful impact in the lives of others.


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KidsCan New Zealand Children


Zespri is proud to be an Associate Partner of KidsCan. Over the past three years we’ve provided financial support, donated over one tonne of healthy, fresh kiwifruit, attended gifting events and volunteered in the KidsCan warehouse.


KidsCan partner with over 800 schools and 100 early childhood centres all over New Zealand to provide kids with some of our most basic necessities including food, clothing and health items. These items are essential to giving all Kiwi kids the same opportunity to learn as everyone else, and our support goes towards funding these programmes and the wider KidsCan organisation.


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Surf Life Saving New Zealand out at sea
Surf Life Saving New Zealand
Eastern Region Primary Partner


Keeping the beaches safe for everyone to enjoy is our way of saying thank you to the communities who have helped build our company’s success. Surf Lifeguards save hundreds of lives a year in our region alone, and provide a vital service to the families who live and work in our regions. Our partnership provides free training – which lifeguards would have to otherwise fundraise for – to all lifeguards from 19 clubs in the Eastern Region, as well as providing rescue tubes and additional equipment and funding to the Zespri Clubs of Year.

The free training on offer includes inflatable rescue boat (IRB) training, Patrol Captain and Intermediate Lifeguard courses. A number of scholarships are also be available for Surf Life Saving’s National Lifeguard School and BP Leaders for Life development programmes.

Youth Search and Rescue volunteers


In the bush, we're also supporting the amazing work that's being undertaken by Youth Search And Rescue (YSAR). Their programme ensures young people can develop the skills to become active members of the community voluntary search and rescue and emergency organisations.

With New Zealand playing home to both amazing and challenging landscapes, that skill set is invaluable. It’s important that organisations like YSAR have enough community support so that even more students and instructors can benefit in the years ahead.

We see the financial support Zespri provides as an investment in young people who are willing to go above and beyond to help others. But our partnership is more than just a financial one. It’s about recognising that the more we can expose ambitious and inquisitive youth to the wealth of opportunities that exist, the more our communities will thrive.



Sustainability is a major focus for us at Zespri - it sits at the heart of our purpose to help growers, communities, the environment and our consumers thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit. Not only does Zespri have an incredibly dedicated sustainability team who strive towards our ambitious targets, but we have also identified the importance of supporting sustainable initiatives as a part of our community investment commitment. 

Sponsorship application process and timing

If you have a great initiative in mind and are interested in establishing a partnership with Zespri, after having checked that your application aligns with Zespri’s community investment pillars above, please email your detailed proposal to: sponsorship@zespri.com.

Important note: Due to the volume of sponsorship requests we receive, please apply in writing at least three months before your event or initiative commences.