Eating Zespri Kiwifruit regularly contributes to good digestive health. The fibre and actinidin content in Zespri Green Kiwifruit lies at the heart of Zespri Kiwifruit’s digestive benefits, but we know there are likely to be other components also having an effect. However, this combination is responsible for many of the beneficial effects on gastric and intestinal function.

How does Zespri kiwifruit work on digestion?
Fibre in kiwifruit is made up of pectins, hemicelluloses and celluloses, which give it certain properties, such as the ability to retain water and form gels. It can have a significant effect on digestion:
• Reducing the glucose absorption rate, so that the GI is lowered and blood sugar levels remain stable
• Increasing the sense of fullness, since the fibre acts to increase viscosity and slow gastric emptying
• Increasing the frequency of bowel movements
•Reducing the sensation of bloatedness
•Reducing the time of intestinal transit

Actinidin is a protease found in kiwifruit, which breaks down proteins and facilitates gastric digestion. This natural enzyme has the ability to break-down a wide range of food proteins more completely and faster than our natural digestive enzymes can do on their own. In a scientific study carried out by the Riddet Institute, actinidin was most effective at digesting proteins found in beef and chicken, fish, pulses and cereals (gluten and soya protein isolate), and dairy products such as milk, cottage cheese and yogurt.

The digestive benefits of actinidin:
• Improves the digestion of proteins by reducing the sensation of heaviness associated with protein-rich foods
• Improves the absorption of proteins
• Improves digestive comfort


Thanks to its fibre and actinidin content and its positive effects on gastric and intestinal digestion, Zespri Green Kiwifruit has clear benefits for digestive health