New Grower Information


If you're interested in becoming a New Zealand kiwifruit grower, we can provide you with Zespri’s New Grower Pack. This pack has a range of resources, including a Grower Payments Booklet, the latest publications and provides suggestions of some of the services and techniques used on an orchard.

Please contact the Zespri Grower Support Services team on;0800 155 355 or by email to if you’d like to receive the New Grower Pack.


Licence Release


If you’re interested in tendering for licence, and would like to get copies of the documents relating to this, then please contact the Zespri New Cultivars Team on 07 572 6440 or by email to

If you need any other guidance along the way, our Grower Support Services team are happy to help. Zespri Grower Support Services operates from 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday though calls can be diverted to Zespri’s Grower Liaison Managers after hours and on weekends.

Grower Website

The Zespri Canopy website is a great resource for anyone in the industry. The website is for growers, suppliers, post-harvest operators and everyone who works in the Zespri community. You will find the latest information, research, tools and resources to support growing and delivering high-quality kiwifruit. The Canopy website has up to date information and news, plus a number of personalised services. Zespri is continually developing new online tools to help growers and the industry manage their businesses better. Zespri will keep you posted with the latest developments as details become available.

Registration is required to visit the Canopy website. Email to request registration.


Contact Grower Support Services



Phone: 0800 155 355