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One of the best things you can do to maintain — or improve — your digestive function is eat a balanced diet. Making healthy choices and eating wisely might even be able to soothe the discomfort and pain caused by intestinal conditions, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

An estimated one in seven adults suffer from IBS, which often produces symptoms such as gastrointestinal pain, nausea, the inability to digest foods, and a loss of appetite.

Zespri’s very own Health & Nutrition Innovation Leader, Dr. Juliet Ansell, had this to say: “Foods that are high in FODMAPs can cause stomach gas and bloating. For some, the impact of a high FODMAP diet can be much more severe.”

What is FODMAP?

The food community is abuzz with topics discussing FODMAP. But what is it? FODMAP is an acronym that describes any one of a group of compounds that are poorly absorbed during digestion.







That’s quite a mouthful — literally! — which is why we stick with the generally accepted term, FODMAP!

These compounds are believed to contribute to the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and similar gastrointestinal disorders. These compounds tend to be mostly carbs. Common high-FODMAP foods include milk, apples, broccoli, wheat breads, cereals, ripe bananas, pasta, avocados, pears, stone fruits, and mushrooms, among many more.

While poor absorption of these types of carbohydrates is common to everyone, most people don’t suffer significant IBS-like symptoms. But if you do, consult with your family doctor and see if a low-FODMAP diet is right for you.

Kiwifruit Officially Joins the Low FODMAP Food List

Zespri™ invited the leading researchers at Australia’s Monash University to analyse our kiwifruit for certification as a low FODMAP food.

The result was overwhelmingly positive! Our green and gold kiwi variants were certified as low FODMAP — another great rating for Zespri™ Kiwifruit and perfect choice for anyone looking for healthier snack choices.

Whereas fruits such as apples, ripe bananas, cherries, pears and watermelon are considered high FODMAP foods, Zespri Kiwifruit is a great option for a healthy snack that delivers great nutritional value in a FODMAP friendly way.

Kiwifruit: Great for a Low-FODMAP Diet

When we talk about a low-FODMAP diet, we’re referring to a dietary management approach to control symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by eating foods low in those compounds.

Zespri™ Kiwifruit is a perfect, healthy addition to any low-FODMAP diet. However, it’s important to note that a low-FODMAP diet is not a cure for IBS or other ongoing intestinal concerns. As with any change in your diet, you should always consult your GP if you’re experiencing continued gastro-intestinal discomfort. Diagnosis of and management strategies for IBS should only be made by a medical practitioner.


Low Glycaemic index, and low FODMAP! Once again our SunGold Kiwifruit proves to be a star nutritional performer! If you’re looking for low FODMAP fruits, you can add Zespri™ SunGold™ Kiwifruit to your list!