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10 Properties and Benefits of Kiwifruit

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  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Fibre
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Have you ever heard the expression: ‘good things come in small packages?’ Well, when it comes to the humble kiwifruit, it’s certainly true! Aside from being a tasty snack that is packed full of vitamins and minerals, kiwifruit has many health benefits – some of which may even surprise you! Keep reading to find out the top 10 properties and benefits of kiwifruit…

1: An exceptional source of vitamin C

Hands up if you want a strong immune system! Two hands up if you want to top up your vitality! Here’s the secret: vitamin C is the key. And the best news? Zespri™ SunGold™ kiwifruit contains 100% of your daily vitamin C needs in just one piece of irresistibly delicious fruit*. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C can strengthen your natural defences and improve tiredness and fatigue**. Hands down!

* One piece of Zespri SunGoldTM over 53g, or one piece of ZespriTM Green over 91g, provides 100% of the recommended Vitamin C daily value. Zespri SunGoldTM average weight: 89.7g, ZespriTM Green average weight: 92.5g.

**Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue


2: Ready-to-eat and convenient

Kiwifruit is a great choice when you need something healthy, quick, and tasty. What’s more, they love getting out and about! Bring kiwifruit with you to work for an afternoon snack, or to the gym to eat after a tough session. Whether it’s a picnic, a party or a walk in the park, kiwifruit make a great companion… so pop one in your bag the next time you’re on-the-go!


3: Rich in potassium

Potassium is the nutrient we need to replenish and recover. Just exercised? Then it’s definitely time to top up your potassium levels. Natural, whole fresh foods are the way to go (processed foods are often higher in sodium). So, prioritise fruit, green vegetables, cereal, and wholegrain breads. Both varieties of kiwifruit are considered a source of potassium* – so pick yourself up by picking up a pack the next time you go shopping! P.S. did we mention that potassium is also good for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart health? Bonus!

* 277.5 mg per average sized Zespri™ Green kiwifruit and 267.3 mg for average sized SunGold™ kiwifruit


4: Full of fibre

When it comes to this nutrient, it’s the green kiwifruit that is the star of the show. As a natural source of fibre*, it’s an irresistible way to top up your daily intake. But how often should we include fibre in our diet? You might think it’s only when you have some digestive discomfort, but in fact it should be part of every meal. The prebiotic effect of dietary fibre can keep our good gut bacteria healthy, improving our overall wellbeing. By eating a little more every day, you can ensure your digestive system runs like clockwork.

* Zespri™ Green kiwifruit contains 4.3g of fibre per 100 kcal.


5: Packed full of vitamins and minerals

Time to learn another key property of kiwifruit! But first, let’s start with a little quiz.

How many essential vitamins and minerals do you think kiwifruit contains?

a)     3

b)    5

c)     16


If you chose answer C, give yourself a gold star! Kiwifruit is one of the most nutritious fruits you can eat. Each bite contains fibre, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), folate, vitamin B12, vitamin A and vitamin E. That’s a lot to of goodness in one little package!


6: Contains actinidin

Green kiwifruit contains actinidin, which is an enzyme that has been scientifically proven to help your body breakdown food and aid digestion. Combined with the high levels of fibre in Zespri™ Green kiwifruit (see point 4 above!), you have a superfood that can support digestive wellness and nourish your good gut bacteria. Choose kiwifruit at each and every breakfast time – happy gut in the morning, happy gut in the evening!


7: Low glycaemic index

Low GI foods have a lower effect on your blood sugar levels after eating. This means that the glucose they contain is less rapidly released into your bloodstream, keeping you fuller for longer. And guess what? Yep, it’s not a surprise: both green and yellow kiwifruits have low GI scores. That’s why we call them a smart snack!


8: A low FODMAP food

Low FODMAP foods are less likely to cause gut problems. Many popular fruits, including apples, cherries, pears, and watermelon, are actually considered high FODMAP foods. The good news is that kiwifruit does not fall into this category. In fact, thanks to its nutritional profile, kiwifruit is considered to be a low FODMAP food. This means you can increase your fibre intake without any of the uncomfortable side effects. Sounds like a double win!


9: A low calorie treat

When you are in the mood for something sweet, think kiwifruit! For one, it is low in calories compared to other sweet tasting snacks. Eating kiwifruit can also increase your sense of fullness. That’s because during digestion, the fibre in kiwifruit swells by taking up water. So how many calories does a kiwifruit contain? Get ready for the facts: Zespri™ SunGold™ kiwifruit has only 48.4 kcal per fruit, whilst the Zespri™ Green kiwifruit has 49 kcal per fruit*. No doubt about it, kiwifruit is the top choice for smart snackers!

*Calorie estimations based on average kiwifruit weights: 89.7 g for Zespri™ SunGold™ and 92.5 g for Zespri™ Green


10: Bursting with antioxidants

Antioxidants help defend the body’s cells against damage. Pro tip: this means they can help slow down the aging process! We come across toxins in the air every day, especially if we live in a big city. So how can we defend ourselves? With kiwifruit of course! Both the yellow and the green varieties contain a wide range of antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols, and flavonoids. Yet another property of kiwifruit and another great reason to include one in your daily routine!