5 vitality kiwifruit recipes for a great start to the day

5 vitality kiwifruit recipes for a great start to the day

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It may be a cliché but there’s no meal more important than breakfast! But it’s so easy to get into a rut, reaching for the same old coffee and bagel day after day. To shake things up a little, try switching to something tasty, colourful and nutritious. It’s not only good for your body to make a change, it can also give you a mental boost. Below you’ll find 5 kiwifruit vitality breakfast recipes designed to add a little sparkle to your morning routine…

1. Wholemeal toast with Zespri kiwifruit


If you’ve never thought of putting kiwifruit on toast before, it’s time to think again. This surprisingly tasty combination of sweet and savoury flavours brings vitality with each and every bite. And if you’re in a rush, why not try using a wholemeal wrap or roll instead – perfect for eating on the go!

2. Omelette with turkey, avocado and Zespri Green kiwifruit


A true vitality breakfast is light and lively, with no heavy ingredients to weigh you down. This healthy, quick-cook dish combines all the refreshing deliciousness of Zespri Green kiwifruit with classic morning ingredients such as eggs and avocado – truly no better way to start the day!

Did you know?
Due to its high concentration of vitamins and minerals, Zespri SunGold kiwifruit is considered a superfood. So now there is no need to let heavy breakfasts weigh you down – with these recipes you’ll have a tasty start to everyday

3.Layered muesli, berry and Zespri SunGold kiwifruit bowl


The tropical tang of Zespri SunGold kiwifruit makes this a recipe that all the family will enjoy. For a relaxed weekend breakfast full of vitality, try preparing a giant bowl for the middle of the table and letting everyone help themselves. We bet they’ll be pleading for seconds!

4.Homemade Zespri Green kiwifruit conserve


Bored of store bought jam but think making your own would be difficult? The great thing about this delicious, yet simple to make, fruit-packed conserve is that it’s rich in fibre and high in vitamin C, so you’ll always have a dose of vitality ready and waiting at breakfast.

5. Zespri SunGold kiwifruit chia breakfast bowl


Loaded with superfoods, this vitality breakfast is a sure-fire winner. With its tasty combination of unique and unexpected flavours, you’ll find the boost needed to start the day.