ANTI-ageing? 2 reasons you should be PRO-kiwifruit!

ANTI-ageing? 2 reasons you should be PRO-kiwifruit!

  • Zespri SunGold kiwifruit
  • Zespri Green kiwifruit

Let’s be honest: whilst we are all grateful for every extra candle on that birthday cake, sometimes we wish the mirror was a little kinder in the mornings. Ageing is an unavoidable part of life, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying to look and feel our best. So if like us, you are slightly anti the whole process, then keep reading for reasons why you should be pro Zespri Greenkiwifruit.

Zespri Green kiwifruit are loaded in antioxidants1


If you’re looking to follow an anti-ageing diet, then the first thing you should be looking out for are antioxidants. This is because these substances can help delay certain signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles. Zespri kiwifruit is high in vitamin C which is also an antioxidant.

Did you know?
Just one Zespri Green kiwifruit will provide your entire daily requirement of the essential anti-ageing antioxidant vitamin C1, as well as 16 othernutrients and minerals!

Zespri Green kiwifruit are fresh, young and vibrant!


They say you are what you eat. So if you want to stay youthful and radiant, then you better fill your plate with foods that are bursting with natural vitality. In addition, it’s important to be adventurous with your diet and try new food combinations and tastes. After all, you don’t want to get stuck in your old ways! Zespri Green kiwifruit are a refreshing addition to any anti-ageing diet. Colourful and full of flavour, they will brighten up your plate. Why not try our Zespri Fish Grill for lunch or dinner? A delicious combination of mackerel, fruit, red cabbage and onion, it is sure to keep you feeling light and lively!


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