Four Cosy, Warming Autumn Recipes

Four Cosy, Warming Autumn Recipes

  • Zespri SunGold kiwifruit
  • Vitamin C
  • Zespri Green kiwifruit

The transition from summer to autumn can be a challenge. Nights are getting longer, temperatures are getting colder – you’ll need all the energy possible to make it through. But don’t worry: the small but mighty Zespri Green kiwifruit is a nutritional powerhouse. With 16 essential vitamins and minerals, including fibre and vitamin C1 is here to help! Keep reading for 4 delicious and inventive ways to stay warm this Autumn.

Chunky pepper and tomato soup with Zespri Green kiwifruit


It’s important to take care of your emotional and physical wellbeing when the seasons change. And what is more comforting to body and mind than a cup of warm soup? This autumn recipe is the perfect bridge between summer and autumn: tomatoes and peppers to remind you of sunnier days, and smoky paprika to welcome in the autumn mood.

Grilled mackerel fillets with Zespri Green kiwifruit salad


The clocks may be moving back this month, but we want you moving forward! It can be tempting to cook heavy meals when the temperatures drop, but you’ll actually feel more vitalised if you stick to light and healthy ingredients with a low glycaemic index. This simple and tasty recipe combines kiwifruit, vegetables and fish to create a dish which will keep you satisfied for longer.

Did you know2,3?
The glycaemic index (GI) ranks foods according to how they affect blood sugar (glucose) levels.
Foods with a low GI value (55 or less) are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised,
and cause a lower and slower rise in blood glucose.
Zespri Green kiwifruit has a low GI (39), which means that the glucose is less rapidly taken up by the body and only slowly released into the bloodstream .

Squash and sweet potato soup with Zespri SunGold kiwifruit


There are other great ways to feel vitalised in the autumn. Why not relive your childhood, get outside and kick up a few leaves? Light exercise in the fresh air means you benefit from daylight, even if the days are shorter. And what better than returning home to a bowl of delicious hearty soup? This dish can be prepared ahead of time and kept in the freezer: an instant pick-me-up!

Vietnamese pho with kiwifruit


The start of a new school year is an opportunity for adults and children alike. It’s a great time to start a different hobby or learn a new language or skill. Maybe even get a little more creative in the kitchen? This exotic dish contains vegetables, kiwifruit, dover sole and lime juice. Why not invite some friends round for a comforting dinner with a twist? Apart from impressing them with your culinary talent, you’ll be nourishing their bodies with a high fibre meal thanks to the Zespri Green kiwifruit4.


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