How kiwifruit can help your child’s tummy

How kiwifruit can help your child’s tummy

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We all want to make our children comfortable. After all when they are happy, we are happy! So keep reading to find out how Zespri Green kiwifruit can help keep a smile on their face…

1. Zespri Green kiwifruit are full of fibre

High fibre foods are essential for good digestive health. In fact, Zespri Green kiwifruit have been shown to relieve constipationand help children make regular trips to the toilet1, 2.

2. Zespri Green kiwifruit helps digest food

Have you heard of actinidin? If you haven’t yet, you have now! Actinidin is a natural substance that is unique to kiwifruit. It helps your body to digest the proteins you eat3, and as we all know – if your digestive system works well, you are less likely to feel bloated or uncomfortable.

3. Zespri Green kiwifruit are a tasty part of a healthy lifestyle

The good news is that there’s a very simple formula for building a healthy digestive system – eat foods high in fibre, drink lots of fluid and take regular exercise. By making these simple changes to your child’s diet and lifestyle today, you can help keep them regular tomorrow!

4. Zespri Green kiwifruit are a great way to start the day!

What your child eats for breakfast can make a big difference to how comfortable they feel throughout the day. So why not add Zespri Green kiwifruit to your kid’s breakfast routine? Try this Zespri Roll which contains Zespri kiwifruit, strawberries, honey, and oats, all wrapped up in a cute paper wrap.


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