How to host festive flexitarian parties

How to host festive flexitarian parties

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Does anyone else think entertaining is becoming more and more difficult? A few years ago, the only thing you had to worry about was whether there were a few vegetarian options on offer. These days, there is a mindfield of dietary restrictions to contend with. For this reason, we recommend you take the flexitarian approach to hosting this year. After all, the name says it all! By preparing food that is predominantly plant-based, with a few sprinklings of meat and dairy, you’ll have a spread of dishes that will delight each and every guest. And the star ingredient? The nutritious and delicious Zespri SunGold kiwifruit of course! Keep reading to find out just how flexible this fruit can be…

Keep it colourful


The best thing about a flexitarian diet is that it allows for a glorious variety of colours and tastes. By focusing on plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts, your festive spread will be a world away from the dull looking party platters that used to be in fashion. To start with, it is a good idea to create some strictly plant-based salads that can be eaten by everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. Try adding a few slices of Zespri SunGold kiwifruit to classical salads – the juicy golden flesh will turn an otherwise boring bowl into a star dish.

Add a touch of vitality


The party season can be tough going on our bodies, and nobody wants guests who feel tired and worn-out. Think about preparing some party snacks that are packed full of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that can help reduce fatigue and increase physical and mental energy1. With 161.3 mg of vitamin C per 100 g, Zespri SunGold kiwifruit contain more vitamin C than an orange2. Now that will get the party started!

Prepare something for everyone


Whilst the focus of a flexitarian feast will be on plant-based foods, there should also be a selection of dishes that cater for those who eat meat or dairy products. Zespri SunGold kiwifruit can be combined with a variety of ingredients to create sweet and savoury snacks that are bursting with flavour and nutrition. Since different guests have different dietary preferences, it might be a good idea to label foods with coloured flags so it is easy to see which dishes are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Don’t forget there may also be people with other restrictions, such as gluten intolerance or nut allergies.

Get creative


Entertaining can sometimes feel like a lot of hard work, so it’s important to make sure you enjoy yourself as much as the guests. Choosing interesting dishes to prepare is one of the best ways you can relax and have fun with the experience. We love this recipe for coconut, kiwifruit, and pistachio stuffed dates. A true flexitarian treat, these stunning looking parcels are destined to impress!


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