Kiwifruit is a top folate food for children

Kiwifruit is a top folate food for children

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Children need folate every day

While you may know that women planning to become pregnant need enough folate to ensure proper development of their babies, you may not know that this essential vitamin is also very important for children.

Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is necessary for the healthy growth and development of a child's cells, such as red blood cells.1 It also needed for many reactions in the body, allowing the body to function properly.1 Because of its role in healthy cell development, a lack of this important vitamin can cause anaemia (a low number of red blood cells).1

Folate is a natural compound created by plants.1 The human body does produce folate and cannot store it in large amounts, so it is necessary to find good sources in the diet.

Did you know?

Folic acid is the term used for the synthetic or man-made forms of folate, such as those found in vitamin pills and supplements.

How much folate do children need?

A child’s dietary needs will depend on their age. Experts recommend that older children should get more folate than younger children, as shown in the table below:2


Average requirement
(μg DFE* per day)

1–3 years


4–6 years


7–10 years


11–14 years


15–17 years


*DFE = dietary folate equivalents.

Zespri Green kiwifruit: a natural source of folate

Zespri Green kiwifruit contains 38 μg/100 g folate.3 While this may not be as high as leafy green vegetables such as spinach,4 it is important to remember that cooking destroys folate. Because of this, fresh kiwifruit is an excellent natural source of folate!


Fun and tasty ways to eat Zespri Green kiwifruit

  1. Healthy snacks
    It’s easy – just cut a Zespri Green kiwifruit in half and scoop out the tasty flesh. No need to peel!

  2. Kids party food
    Use cookie cutters to shape delicious Zespri Green kiwifruit into beautiful, fun and tasty treats to share!
  1. Blend up a healthy smoothie
    Experimenting with fruit smoothie recipes is a great way to get kids trying different flavours and ingredients. Why not try one of our fuss-free recipes with Zespri Green kiwifruit?

  1. Healthy starter for kids
    Feeling adventurous? Why not try our spinach, asparagus, carrot and garbanzo pudding topped with kiwi and walnuts. Delicious!


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