Kiwifruit: the ultimate nutritional powerhouse for busy working men

Kiwifruit: the ultimate nutritional powerhouse for busy working men

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Finding the time to eat right is often a challenge for busy working men. No time for breakfast, rushed business lunches, eating out in restaurants and working late all make it hard for even the most dedicated of us to make sure that we are getting the nutrients we need. However, because your body operates like a machine, optimum nutrition is essential – you have to give it the right fuel and nutrients for it to perform well.

Fuel your body with Zespri Green kiwifruit

Eating Zespri Green kiwifruit is a simple but very effective way to keep yourself healthy while you’re powering through your day. Zespri Green kiwifruit are nutrient rich, delivering an amazingly healthy dose of essential nutrients to directly benefit the body and maintain body function.1 They also makes the perfect grab-and-go snack, so you can keep healthy wherever you have to be!

5ways Zespri Green kiwifruit helps meet your nutritional needs every day

  1. A happy and healthier gut
    Zespri Green kiwifruit are high in both soluble and insoluble fibre, which naturally aid digestion.4 The combination of both types of fibre increases bowel movements and reduces the time in internal transit (i.e. in your intestines), leaving you with a healthier and happier gut!

  2. Bursting with vitamin C
    At 85 mg per fruit, Zespri Green kiwifruit are an excellent source of vitamin C – that’s two times more vitamin C than oranges!1,2 Vitamin C has a number of important roles in the body, some of which include keeping the immune system strong, enhancing energy levels and reducing fatigue, and increasing collagen formation, which is essential for healthy skin.3

  3. Aids protein digestion
    Zespri Green kiwifruit contain actinidin, a natural digestive enzyme unique to kiwifruit which improves the digestion of protein (e.g. in meat and dairy products).5 This faster and more complete protein digestion results in a reduced sensation of heaviness associated with protein-rich foods, and makes protein easier to absorb by the muscles.

  4. The athlete's ally
    If you work out, you’ll know how important it is to eat foods that not only provide energy to make it through training but also help the body to recover and replenish afterwards. Zespri Green kiwifruit contains almost as much potassium as bananas2, a crucial mineral that helps keep the body hydrated and helps maintain normal muscle function.

  5. Keeps you healthy from the inside out

    Zespri Green kiwifruit contain a wide range of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols and flavonoids.1 Antioxidants help defend the body’s cells against free radicals – damaging substances caused by pollution, cigarette smoke and other toxins which play a key role in the aging process.


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