Meal planning with kiwifruit

Meal planning with kiwifruit

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Time is our most precious resource. But how can we create more of it? One idea is ‘batch cooking’ or meal planning. There is no big secret to the technique: it's about cooking batches of food in advance and storing it for the week. Whether it’s breakfasts, main meals, desserts or snacks, kiwifruit is the perfect ingredient to have to hand when preparing tasty dishes in advance. Keep reading to find out the benefits of such an approach, as well as some handy tips for batch cook beginners.

Benefits of batch cooking with kiwifruit

We’ve already mentioned the main attraction: batch cooking can save you time during the week, giving you more opportunities to enjoy activities with family and friends. That’s not to say that time spent in the kitchen can’t be creative and relaxing, but often the best family nights focus on eating together, rather than prepping alone!

Aside from that, there are other pros to batch cooking that you may not have realised. When you plan ahead it is easier to ensure that the family diet is balanced, and a fully stocked fridge is often the best strategy to fight takeaway temptation. Plus don’t forget the financial sense it makes – cooking in batches avoids unnecessary food waste and can help your family make the most of the weekly budget.

Kiwifruit tips for batch cooking beginners


So the basic idea seems pretty straightforward, right? You undertake one or two concentrated sessions of cooking a week, in order to have enough meals and snacks prepared for the days when you want (or need) to spend time on something else. Simple. So what can you do to become a batch cooking expert? Firstly, you have to know which ingredients store well. Zespri kiwifruit can be kept in the fridge after you buy them, but even better news for batch cookers – they are a great ingredient to freeze. Clever storage also requires clever containers, so keep an eye out for lunch style boxes that divide food into handy portions.

Batch cooking with kiwifruit for taste and nutrition


Less time spent in the kitchen doesn’t have to equal less satisfaction for your stomach. And if that leaves you hungry for more, why not take a look at our recipe of the week: homemade granola with kiwifruit. Fifteen minutes spent preparing this on a Sunday night will leave your fridge bursting with breakfast batch cooked deliciousness. Enjoy!