Why you should celebrate World Digestive Day with kiwifruit

Why you should celebrate World Digestive Day with kiwifruit

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We don't necessarily talk about it much, but digestive health is an important part of our lives. When everything is functioning as it should be, we feel lighter, happier, and more confident in our own skin. On the other hand, digestive discomfort can leave us irritable, sluggish and frustrated. For these reasons, we think it’s important to celebrate World Digestive Day this May 29th.

What is the link between kiwifruit and digestive health?


As you probably already know, foods that are high in fibre (such as fresh fruits and vegetables), have been linked with digestive health and comfort. Not only does Zespri Green kiwifruit contain 3 g of fibre per 100 kcal (making it a high fibre food), but it also contains the enzyme actinidin, which can help speed up digestion. That’s why we recommend celebrating World Digestive Day with a couple of deliciously refreshing kiwifruit at your side.

How can you take better care of your digestive health?


To start with, mark May 29th in your calendar! This is a day dedicated to digestive health, which makes it a good moment to think about your own personal health and wellbeing. Make a list of the lifestyle habits that you would like to improve. Do you drink enough water? Take enough exercise? Eat a healthy balanced diet? A few simple changes here and there can make all the difference to your daily digestive comfort.

Why is your diet a good place to start?


There are many remedies available to help combat occasional digestive problems, but there is no better way to solve it then through a natural method. Our advice is to begin by increasing the number of fresh and nutritious foods in your diet. For example, certain fruits have laxative properties, which can help increase the frequency of those bathroom breaks and the regularity of our digestive habits. But don’t forget – if you’re ever worried about digestive discomfort, or if your symptoms persist even after dietary changes, you should make an appointment to speak to your general practitioner (GP).

Top tip
Adding two ZespriGreen kiwifruit to your daily diet can help with your digestive wellbeing

What recipes are recommended for digestive health?


You can get the day off to a healthy start by preparing a mouth-watering kiwifruit breakfast. The morning is the perfect moment to kickstart the digestive system, so take a look at this delicious recipe for Matcha chia pudding with kiwifruit and mint. Packed full of vitamins and minerals, it’s a healthy treat that the whole family can enjoy. Let the celebrations begin!