Our Environment

We’re striving to address how production, supply and sales impact on and enhance the environment with a focus on packaging, water quality and climate change.



We’re moving away from the ‘take, make and dispose’ model of production to one where we reduce our packaging footprint.




Our industry’s water strategy is focused on improving data collection and protecting our water resources.



Climate Change

We are committed to taking action, both to reduce our impact as an industry but also, and as importantly, to prepare for the impacts it will have on us — we know it’s the right thing to do and consumers, customers and our communities expect it of us.

We are working to understand the contribution we make to climate change as an industry as well as exploring the opportunities we have to reduce our impact. This includes areas such as shipping, packaging, cool store operations and fertiliser use on our orchards. We are also investing in learning about what we can do to improve the carbon we store in soil and through our growing systems.

More importantly, we are also investing in understanding the climate risks we face and how to address them. To find out more about our industry’s carbon footprint, click here.