Sustainability The Zespri Way

 The Zespri Way

Having a brand that is recognizable for what it stands for as much as for the quality of its fruit demonstrates our unwavering commitment to making a difference day to day.


Over the year’s we’ve built strong, thriving communities in New Zealand and across the globe as the consumer demand for our kiwifruit grows due to its great taste and nutritional benefits. We have enjoyed excellent growing conditions and treaded lightly on the land.


But we know there’s more for us to do.


Our consumers expect this of us, as we do of ourselves.


We’re committed to succeeding the right way — making sure we care for our environment, our community and our kiwifruit. That’s why we are proud of our bold sustainability targets and commitments.


Read more about the announcement of the targets and commitments we made at our industry conference (February 2020) here.



Our Strategy


Sustainability is a major focus for us at Zespri - it sits at the heart of our purpose to help growers, communities, the environment and our consumers thrive.


We engaged with our stakeholders to understand the priority areas where we can make the biggest difference to protect and enhance the planet and society as well as deliver value for our business.


The results of this process were supported by a review of leading industry research and global sustainability trends. The stakeholder groups we continue to engage with on a regular basis include; New Zealand and internationally based growers, packhouse and coolstore representatives, industry representative groups, Maori growers, Zespri’s global distribution partners, our consumer insights team and Zespri employees.


It’s about stepping up to show leadership and we are confident that we have identified what matters most to our customers, consumers and our industry.


More and more people want to connect with companies that produce their food, to understand how and where it is grown, as well as how sustainability is embraced right through the supply chain.


Through our reputation, scale and the revenue we generate, comes significant opportunity and responsibility to our communities, the environment and our people.


For more information about how we govern sustainability, please read the Kiwifruit Industry Sustainability Position Statement (click here).



Our Targets and Actions

As part of demonstrating our commitment to sustainability we’ve set ambitious targets that align with our purpose, our brand promise and our premium product position.

For each of our priorities, we have dedicated work programs, focusing on achieving our targets and caring for the health of our consumers, our environment and our community along the way.

Click on a priority pillar above to learn more about our ambitious targets.