4 activities to boost your family’s vitality

4 activities to boost your family’s vitality

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Finding activities that the whole family will enjoy can sometimes feel like mission impossible. At those moments, it can be all too easy to let everyone slouch on the sofa or retreat to their Wi-Fi-connected worlds. But help is at hand! Below you’ll find four fun and easy ways to boost your family’s vitality and shake up the day to day routine. As always, the delicious and nutritious Zespri Green kiwifruit will play a starring role, brightening up precious family time with a splash of colour and taste.

  1. Create your own cooking competition


This is a great way to turn competitive family dynamics into a positive and uplifting activity. After all, everyone loves a nail-biting cooking show, when contestants battle it out to prepare the most impressive and tasty meals for a selection of hard-to-please judges. For your home-made version, why not set a ‘vitality’ challenge? Each member of the family must prepare a colourful, nutrient rich dish designed to revitalise body and soul. Meals and snacks that include Zespri Green kiwifruit are sure to be winners! Take a look at some of our delicious recipes for inspiration.

Did you know?

With a nutritional adequacy score of 11.4, Zespri Green kiwifruit is one of the most nutritious options amongst commonly eaten fruits1.

Eating just one Zespri Green kiwifruit a day can help maintain your required vitamin C levels2-3.

2. Take a technology time-out


It’s a cliché, but for a reason: these days families spend more time connecting with their Wi-Fi then they do with each other. But the fact is, we all recognise the draining effect of too much screen time. So why not turn off the technology for an afternoon, and turn up the vitality? Some families like to create a ‘Wi-Fi-free’ zone in their house, where all devices must be turned off (or left outside the door). Inside here, games must be played the old-fashioned way. If you can’t manage to get everyone to sit still for a whole game of Monopoly, why not try a quick twenty minutes of charades? It’s amazing how quickly a little bit of brain power and body movement can raise energy levels and lift spirits.

3. Work up a sweat (silently)


Exercise is one of the most tried and tested ways to increase family vitality levels, and you don’t even have to go outside to do it. What about your own silent disco? Not only will you not bother the neighbours, but you won’t have to argue over the choice of track! Start with one or two songs, and see if you can build the stamina up a little every day. And of course, don’t forget the reward. Once everyone has worked up an appetite, you can enjoy a vitality filled feast together. And if everyone has felt a bit sluggish lately, think about including some high fibre foods that contain beneficial prebiotics that can keep the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut happy. Zespri Green kiwifruit contains 3.7g of fibre per 100kcal (making it a high fibre food), as well as the enzyme actinidin, which can help speed up digestion4-8.

  1. Throw a breakfast party

If your morning starts out low, then the chances are the rest of the day will follow suit. One of our favourite ways to keep family vitality levels up is to throw a breakfast party. Make an effort setting the table, put on some uplifting music and sit down to enjoy a fun-filled morning together. This recipe for breakfast frittatais a great place to start – the addition of the refreshing and flavoursome Zespri Green kiwifruit will surprise and delight all ages.


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