4 Healthy vegan snacks when working from home

4 Healthy vegan snacks when working from home

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One of the downsides to working from home is that you’re working a little too close to the kitchen cupboard. It can be tempting to spend the day grazing on crisps or biscuits, and to let regular routines slip by the wayside. But all is not lost! There are plenty of healthy, energy filled snacks that are vegan-friendly and easy to prepare from your home office. What’s more, each of the five fantastic snack recipes below contains delicious Zespri Green kiwifruit, the perfect ingredient for adding essential vitamins and minerals to your daily diet.1

  1. Coconut, kiwifruit and pistachio stuffed dates


One of the greatest misconceptions around vegan diets is that they are limited, bland, and well basically, a (little) bit boring. Now, if you share this opinion, we have the perfect colourful and exotic vegan snack that will change their mind in a minute. The bright flesh of a Zespri kiwifruit brings an attractive contrast to the rich purple skin of a date, whilst the added coconut and pistachios give the snack a sweet and nutty finish. (Of course, whether you decide to share or not is up to you).

  1. Cacao-nib and kiwifruit protein bars

Ensuring an adequate intake of protein is always a concern for people following a vegan diet, especially for those who need food to fuel a day of conference calls and emails. Luckily, animal-based products aren’t the only sources of protein available. Each of these mouth-watering chocolate snack bars contains over 40% of your recommended daily allowance of protein. So if you are someone who likes to start or finish the day with a home workout, why not keep a couple close to hand?

  1. Chia-seed pudding with Zespri Green kiwifruit and berries


If the sweet treats in the kitchen cupboard sometimes prove a little too tempting, then this vegan snack recipe may be the one for you. A delicious and colourful pot of vitamins and minerals, it stores well in an airtight container and can be prepared from scratch in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the Zespri kiwifruit, this is also a high fibre snack2,3, so you can enjoy a moment of sweetness that is lower in sugar and fat compared to many pre-packaged options.

  1. Pepper and Zespri Green kiwifruit dip to serve with crudités


If you haven’t fallen in love with harissa yet, now is the moment. This hot pepper chili paste originates from North Africa, and these days can be found as a powder or paste in most big supermarkets. We promise that this vegan recipe will spice up your working from home snacking routine!


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