5 fun workout exercises to do in pairs

5 fun workout exercises to do in pairs

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Got a better half or a best friend? Whether you are coupled up or happily single, exercising is far more fun when there are two involved. Grab a partner (romantic or otherwise), and take a look at these energising activities that are designed to raise vitality levels to the max. Oh, and talking of things that are better in pairs – did you know that Zespri kiwifruit comes in two delicious varieties, Zespri Green and Zespri SunGold?


  1. High five push ups: This is just like a usual push-up, except you and your partner need to be facing each other, and moving in time! As you both reach the top of the push up, alternate between clapping your left and right hands together.
  2. Resistance band twist: To start, you both need to hold one end of a resistance band. Standing alongside each other, slowly separate until you feel the pull. Keeping your feet shoulder width apart, your hands out, and your hips facing forward, twist away from your partner to increase the tension in the band.
  3. Medicine ball squat: Stand back to back with your partner and drop into a low squat position. The person with the medicine ball needs to keep it at chest height, rotating their upper body to the left to pass the ball to the other person. The receiver then passes the ball across their body before handing it over on the other side. Try to keep this up for 60 seconds!
  4. Triceps extension: Face each other and hold one end of a resistance band each, keeping your elbows hugged to the side of your body and at 90 degrees. Step back until there is resistance in the band. Bending forward slightly, extend your arms and push the band away from each other, all the time squeezing your triceps. Bend the arm back, then repeat!
  5. Plank jump: Get your partner to lie down in the plank position, whilst you squat down as low as you can by the side of their feet. As you release yourself from the squat, jump up and over their ankles. Keep going for as long as your legs will hold out for!

Has that got you in the mood for a little exercise? Not so fast! Before you start, make sure you prepare yourself a healthy pre-workout snack. We love this simple vegan recipe for Zespri SunGold kiwifruit protein bars. Made with delicious cacao nibs, they are packed full of energy to help fuel your muscles and supercharge your stamina. And when you’re done working out, snacks made with Zespri SunGold kiwifruit are also a good choice. That’s because when you exercise, your body loses key nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium, which you need to replace in order to properly recover1,2. High in vitamin C and a source of potassium3, Zespri SunGold kiwifruit can help you do just that.


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