5 high fibre delicious kiwifruit salads for happier digestion

5 high fibre delicious kiwifruit salads for happier digestion

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We all know that we feel better when our insides are happy. Days are lighter, moods are brighter – good digestion puts a spring in our step! So how can you help bring a feeling of comfort to your daily life? It starts with taking care of what you eat and drink, which includes making sure that you have enough fibre in your diet.

The good news? Zespri Green kiwifruit is rich in this essential nutrient.

The even better news? We’ve got 5 delicious high fibre kiwifruit salad recipes that will please your taste buds as much as they please your digestion.

1.Quinoa salad with Zespri Green kiwifruit and beans


Not only is this salad packed full of nutrients, but it looks as good as it tastes. By layering all the delicious ingredients into a clear glass jar, you’ll have a colourful (and portable) meal that you won’t be able to take your eyes off!

2. Quinoa salad with vegetables and Zespri Green kiwifruit


Adding two kiwifruit to your daily routine can help bring a daily sense of lightness and wellbeing to your diet. And what better way than through this refreshing, bright salad? High in fibre and high in taste, it will leave your body feeling happy and healthy.

3.Spinach, haricot bean, avocado and Zespri Green kiwifruit salad


One of the best things about Zespri Green kiwifruit is the interesting contrast it brings to other flavours and textures. This salad uses a mouth-watering combination of ingredients to deliver a high fibre meal that you’ll want to eat again and again.

4. Aubergine dip with Zespri Green kiwifruit, garlic, herbs and nuts


Normally the only healthy part of a dip is the accompanying crudités! But in fact, one Zespri Green kiwifruit contains more fibre than two whole celery sticks, meaning this salad brings a double dose of healthiness1. Great as a starter or snack, the high fibre content can help improve your digestion, keep you regular and prevent constipation.

5. Carpaccio salad with Green kiwifruit


If you’re looking for a delicious high fibre meal to share with family and friends, you’ve found it! And because kiwifruit has actinidin, a natural enzyme that breaks down proteins, it will make digestion that little bit smoother.


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