A Green kiwifruit back to school healthy snack is as easy as 1,2,3

A Green kiwifruit back to school healthy snack is as easy as 1,2,3

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Where did that summer go? Suddenly it’s September and time for new uniforms and freshly sharpened pencils. It can be hard to get back into the regular routine, but at the same time, a new term can mean a fresh start. In fact, there is no better time to encourage your children to eat healthily. And guess what? It doesn’t have to be difficult. Like we said, it’s as easy as 1,2,3…


1. Zespri Green kiwifruit is a fun snack for children

Ok, it’s true. Some children make a beeline for the sugary snacks, and think fruit and veg isn’t all that exciting. But when it comes to kiwifruit, it certainly isn’t dull. After all, what other snack is green, round and a little bit hairy? There are many ways to eat a Zespri Green kiwifruit, and in our experience, children love to try out them all. Some like to cut off the top and take their time scooping out the juiciness inside. Others prefer to peel it, slice it and create delicious bite sized chunks. Whatever they prefer, let their creativity run free! When fruit is fun to eat, we know that everybody is winning.


2.Zespri Green kiwifruit is a healthy snack for children

Aside from the fun-factor, Zespri Green kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient-rich foods you can give your children. Apart from containing more vitamin C per 100g than the orange (and almost as much potassium as a banana!), Zespri Green kiwifruit also pack an impressively healthy dose of 17 other essential vitamins and minerals1,2. And when you consider how convenient the kiwifruit is, the health benefits for children seem obvious! You can easily pack one in a school lunch box or for a post-exercise treat, which means they can be eaten wherever and whenever your child wants.

3. Looking for delicious recipes that appeal to children?

As you probably know by now, Zespri Green kiwifruit is refreshing, juicy and full-flavoured. Which makes it the perfect ingredient in your back-to-school meals. Homework might be boring, but dinner doesn’t have to be! One of our favourite child friendly recipes is the Zespri Gorgeous Green Dip. A colourful blend of avocado and kiwifruit, this delicious starter is accompanied with warm crisp focaccia sticks. Summer might be over, but the fun can still go on!


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