Sporty adolescents: give a potassium boost with Zespri Green kiwifruit

Sporty adolescents: give a potassium boost with Zespri Green kiwifruit

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  • Zespri Green kiwifruit

And if you’ve got teenagers, you’ll know exactly what we mean. The body has good reasons for perspiring during the warmer months – for one, it’s a natural way to lose heat from the skin. But there also negative consequences. When we sweat after exercise for example, we end up losing key nutrients such as potassium. Keep reading to find out how Zespri Green kiwifruit can help adolescents rebalance and replenish…


Zespri Green kiwifruit are a good source of potassium

You might not have realised, but Zespri Green kiwifruit is a good source of potassium1. In fact, it contains almost as much of this essential nutrient as a banana !Which is good news for your sporty adolescents.


Potassium can help adolescents power-up after outdoor sports

Potassium-rich foods are a must have for sporty kids, as the mineral can be lost through exercise and sweating. And what happens if levels are low? The immediate effects are weak muscles that can cramp or twitch2,3.

Did you know2,3?
Replenishing the body with potassium can:
-Help balance fluids
- Improve muscle contraction
- Maintain normal blood pressure


Reward your sporty adolescent with taste and nutrition

Sometimes it is hard to believe how much energy our children have, especially when the sun is shining. But after a day playing outdoor sports, you have to make sure they have refuelled themselves with the calories and nutrients they need. If not, how will they do it all again tomorrow? Zespri Green kiwifruit make a delicious, refreshing addition to post-exercise lunches and dinner.

Why not try making them a Zespri Creamy Ciabatta? Made with chicken, cream cheese, kiwifruit and arugula, it is packed with as much nutrition as it is taste. What’s more, if you can’t convince them to sit at the table, it is quick and easy to eat whilst running out the door!


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