Going gluten free with Zespri Green kiwifruit

Going gluten free with Zespri Green kiwifruit

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  • Zespri Green kiwifruit

Food-lovers know that eating well is so much more than merely getting the nutrition we need to survive. Meals shared between family and friends are at the heart of many happy times. But if you change your diet, for example by going gluten-free, you might be worried that you are missing out on important nutrients, and especially fibre. Step forward Zespri Green kiwifruit, the ideal choice, being gluten-free and rich in fibre! In fact, whatever your dietary requirements may be, we’ve got a host of tasty kiwifruit recipes designed to turn mealtimes into great memories.

Is Zespri kiwifruit gluten-free?


Good news! Refreshing, flavoursome Zespri Green kiwifruit can usually be enjoyed even if you have a restricted diet. Most fruit and vegetables are recommended whether you are coeliac or have chosen to go gluten-free voluntarily. Even better, Green kiwifruit is not only gluten-free but also contains many other vitamins and minerals which adds up to it being clever choice.

How to add fibre-rich kiwifruit to a gluten-free daily diet


Once you’ve selected gluten-free Zespri Green kiwifruit, the next question is how to include this fibre-rich fruit to your diet. As one of the most versatile foods around, it can be eaten and cooked in a multitude of ways. But here’s our best tip for gluten-free diets: eating two Green kiwifruits a day can help with your digestive comfort . And on top of that, the nutrition packed Zespri Green kiwifruit only contains around 80 kcals per 100 g, making it a sweet indulgence that won’t tip the scales.

Gluten-free family favourites


There are few dishes as eternally popular as the humble hamburger. Grilled to perfection, it provides a simple meal that both kids and adults adore. What’s more, it doesn’t have to be off the menu for those going gluten-free. Take a look at our delicious recipe for a Gluten-free Red Bean Veggie Burger. The secret ingredient? Juicy Zespri Green kiwifruit salsa. Served on the side, it adds a splash of zesty tang – which is sure to get the conversation flowing!