Leave winter behind with kiwifruit

Leave winter behind with kiwifruit

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Take a deep breath – yes, it’s true – spring is here! Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and the birds are singing. But what about you? If winter has left you feeling a little lacklustre, then keep on reading. Below you’ll find out how Zespri Green kiwifruit can help you recover your vitality and get ready for the warmer, lighter days that lie ahead.

  1. Kiwifruit is bursting with vitamin C

Top up on vitamin C and you’re off to a good start. The natural antioxidants in kiwifruit can boost vitality and help shake off the winter blues. And since more vitamin C is found in Zespri Green kiwifruit than oranges (85.1 mg per 100 g), it means that eating just two a day will get your vitamin C intake to the recommended level (80 mg per day).

  1. Kiwifruit loves the great outdoors


If you’ve retreated to a comfortable sofa with your favourite box-sets to escape the winter chill, now’s the time to wave them goodbye and rediscover the great outdoors. Zespri Green kiwifruit is the perfect snack for any outdoor adventure. Slice off the top, scoop out the middle and you’ll feel the vitality with every bite. If it’s a sunny day, why not rustle up a delicious and healthy lunchbox and step outside? Whether it’s a picnic, a stroll to the park, or a long weekend somewhere special – go for it!

  1. Kiwifruit on the go


After the slow pace of winter, spring can feel like a whirlwind of things to do and places to be. To keep those energy levels high and make the most of all that extra activity, you’re going to need great nutrition with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Zespri Green kiwifruit are the perfect, portable nutrient-rich snack.

  1. Kiwifruit livens up spring salads


Winter comfort food is wonderful, but it’s so good when spring comes around to be able to enjoy lighter, fresher, choices. With a little imagination and so many colourful options available, eating healthily is a joy. Zespri Green kiwifruit not only adds a splash of vitality to almost any dish, it also adds to the nutrition. So why not try this tempting spring salad recipe? – it’s a mouth-watering combination of bulgur wheat and kiwifruit. Perfect as a side dish, a light meal or how about packing it into a lunchbox, and enjoying it wherever the spring day takes you?