Why is Zespri kiwifruit good for you?

Why is Zespri kiwifruit good for you?

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If it tastes good, then it must be bad for you, right? Sadly, there are lots of tempting foods that taste great but do nothing for us nutritionally. Luckily, the kiwifruit is an exception. Not only is Zespri Green kiwifruit a refreshing and lovely thing to eat, but it’s also bursting with nutrients. Win-win! Keep reading to find out more…

Good for you every day1,2


Zespri Green kiwifruit is one of the most nutritious fruits around. Not only is it packed full of vitamins and minerals, but it’s also exceptionally high in vitamin C, fibre, and source of potassium and folate. This amazing combination of nutrients works within the body to provide significant health benefits. Click here to find out more.

Good for you and your tummy3-5


High fibre foods can help maintain good digestive health. Eat Zespri Green kiwifruit every day and experience the light feeling that goes with a smooth-running digestion. It also contains the natural substance actinidin, that breaks down a wide range of food proteins faster than your digestive enzymes on their own.

Amazing Kiwifruit Fact!1,2
Zespri Green kiwifruit has more vitamin C than oranges / 100 g. To be exact, it contains a massive 85.1 mg of this defense-strengthening nutrient per 100 g (compared to the 53.2 mg found in oranges / 100 g)

Good for you and your weight


Strictly speaking there are no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods when it comes to watching your weight – the key of course is in moderation and making sure that the calories you take in are balanced with the energy used up! But it certainly feels good to find out that a delicious snack can help you maintain your weight and deliver great nutrition at the same time. Zespri Green kiwifruit contains only 81 kcal per 100 g. An all-round better choice than a lot of other sweet treats.

Good for you and your cooking


Whether you’re a creative whizz in the kitchen or whether you prefer to stick to tried and tested favourites, the kiwifruit is a fantastically versatile ingredient to have to hand when cooking. If you want to add a zesty twist to a family favourite, then why not whip up a kiwifruit quiche for lunch? The crisp, tart flavour of the kiwifruit transforms a familiar dish into a surprising treat!


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