How to make delicious kiwifruit desserts

How to make delicious kiwifruit desserts

  • Zespri SunGold kiwifruit
  • Zespri Green kiwifruit
  • Nutrient rich

Got a sweet tooth? Good news – we’re here to satisfy it! There are quite simply hundreds of delicious kiwifruit dessert recipes out there ready and waiting to be made. And with two varieties of kiwifruit available for you to experiment with, you’ll never run out of ideas in the kitchen again. Keep reading for some tips and hints on how to turn the end of your next meal into a real taste sensation.

Kiwifruit desserts with a tropical twist


Zespri SunGold kiwifruit is loved for its unique, sweet taste. As a natural sweetener, it can be added in place of sugary foods, helping to take some of the guilt out of those ‘guilty pleasures’! What’s more, the Zespri SunGold variety is especially good to use in kiwifruit desserts when it’s been in the fridge for a few days – that’s because it actually sweetens as it ripens…

Melt in your mouth deliciousness


The smooth texture of kiwifruit means it is a tried and tested favourite amongst dessert lovers everywhere. Easy to crush or puree,it can be spooned onto crepes, parfaits, tarts and pastries as a colourful alternative to cream or custard. Not only that, but the surprising yet subtle flavour provides a great contrast to other tropical tastes such as coconut and chocolate.

Tangy kiwifruit desserts


For those moments when you are looking to add a little more zest to your sweet treats, Zespri Green kiwifruit are the ideal ingredient. Refreshing and full of flavour, it tastes great when combined with other fruits such as strawberries, limes and bananas. A fabulous palette cleanser, we also love adding them to sorbets or ices: a lovely light kiwifruit dessert to liven up the end of a big meal.

If the above information has got your taste buds tingling, then why not take that enthusiasm straight to the kitchen? Quick and easy to make, we like to serve a Not-fatting Zespri Green Kiwifruit Cake.