Why your teen should make Zespri Green kiwifruit an everyday habit

Why your teen should make Zespri Green kiwifruit an everyday habit

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We all know that talking to teenagers can be difficult, even at the best of times. So what about when we want to raise an issue about their health? Even trickier – what if we want to raise the topic of digestive health? Keep reading to find out how you can help your teenager feel better on the inside, without making them blush on the outside…

How can diet and lifestyle help improve digestive health?

Your teens’ daily diet and lifestyle can play a big role in easing discomfort and improving overall digestive health. You should encourage them to eat foods high in fibre, drink plenty of water, and get regular exercise. Of course, when given the choice, most teenagers will choose fast foods over fresh ones. So it’s a good idea to take some time to explain why you are making such suggestions: simply put, these are positive ways to help their body feel the best it can.

Zespri Green kiwifruit: a healthier and happier teenage gut1-4


As a fibre-rich food, Zespri Green kiwifruit are a natural and tasty way to help with digestive health. What’s more, kiwifruit contain an important enzyme: actinidine. This helps to break down food proteins faster than your digestive enzymes on their own, which can improve the digestive health.

Encourage your teen to add 2 Green kiwifruit to their daily diet


Once you've managed to talk to your teen, the rest is easy. That’s because Zespri Green kiwifruit are refreshing and delicious – perhaps one of the only ‘fast foods’ that is natural and nutritious! They’ll love to grab one as a quick snack in the morning or afternoon. And if some reason they need a little encouragement, why not try whipping up a tempting smoothie. The Zespri Yogur smoothie treat that even the most troublesome of teens will enjoy.


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