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4 Reasons to Eat Zespri Kiwifruit During Pregnancy 

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Pregnancy is an exciting time. With a new arrival soon on the way, expectant parents have a lot to prepare for: there are clothes to buy, nurseries to paint…the list goes on! Here’s an easy addition to your pregnancy checklist that benefits both mom and baby—Zespri™ Kiwifruit. Here are 4 reasons why kiwifruit should be part of a healthy diet during pregnancy:


Did you know Zespri Kiwifruits are natural sources of folate? If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, then chances are you’ve heard of folate and/or folic acid (folate in its synthetic form is called folic acid). It’s an essential nutrient for both mom and baby; your baby needs it in order to grow and develop properly inside the womb.1,2  

For this reason, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025 recommends that pregnant women eat food sources of folate during their pregnancy, especially for the first trimester.2 Additionally, pregnant women should take a 400-microgram folic acid daily supplement.2 A single serving of Zespri SunGold™ Kiwifruit* provides 50 micrograms of folate per serving,3 while Zespri Green Kiwifruit* contains 37 micrograms per serving, making them a useful and tasty whole food-based complement to folic acid supplements.

Folate is sensitive to heat and may be lost during cooking,5 so adding fresh fruit like Zespri Kiwifruit to your daily diet is a great way to naturally consume this valuable nutrient. Also, meeting folate needs is important through a child’s early years for proper brain health and development, as suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics.6


Nearly 40% of women may suffer from constipation at some point during their pregnancy.7 Eating foods high in fiber, such as Zespri Green Kiwifruit,4,*,+ could provide relief.8,9 . So, if you’re pregnant, or thinking about growing your family, consider adding 2 Zespri Green Kiwifruits to your daily diet as they may help to keep you regular and maintain digestive comfort.


Zespri Kiwifruits are a convenient and nutrient-dense way to get more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals—a higher nutritional value than almost all other commonly eaten fruits!3,4,* Moreover, Zespri SunGold™ Kiwifruit is a fruit high in vitamin C. In fact, just one fruit provides 100% of your daily vitamin C needs!^ It also provides a good source of potassium and has fiber,3 not to mention other key vitamins and minerals, making Zespri Kiwifruit one of the most tasty, nutritious fruits available for expectant moms.



Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit satisfies with sweet, refreshing flavor, while Zespri Green Kiwifruit is bursting with tangy, sweet flavors. To eat kiwifruit on its own, simply cut the fruit in half and scoop! You can also slice and peel kiwifruit, then add the fruit to your yogurt or oatmeal. Looking to get more creative? There are loads of delicious kiwi recipes for you to taste. Can’t decide which variety to try? We suggest one of each!


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*A serving size is 2 medium kiwifruits (148 grams – Zespri Green Kiwifruit, 162 grams – Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit). 

+A serving of Zespri Green Kiwifruit provides 4 grams of fiber, which is 14% of the recommended daily value for pregnant women. 

^A serving of Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit provides 261 milligrams of vitamin C, which is 307% of the recommended daily value for pregnant women.