Look after your body and health with the

power of nature


Health tips from Letisha, our Organic grower

“I try and start my day with some exercise, usually a quick run or a spin class if time allows. On weekends, I go for a long bike ride or hike with my friends.

For breakfast I love a Kiwi-and-Berry smoothie in the summertime or a delicious bowl of oats with Zespri™ Organic Kiwifruit in the wintertime."

A nutritious fruit to add to the fruit bowl

Eating two Zespri™ Green Organic Kiwifruit provides a good source of fiber and also contains actinidin.

Zespri™ Organic Kiwifruit also contains a good source of potassium with 2 Zespri™ Organic SunGold™ Kiwifruit (162g) containing as much potassium as a medium banana.  Eating just one Zespri™ Organic SunGold™ Kiwifruit a day provides 100% of your daily Vitamin C needs.



Good digestion is a must for healthy growth

Dietary fiber can help to support your family’s bowel habits and increases digestive comfort. Zespri Green Organic Kiwifruit contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, and also contains a unique enzyme called actinidin which helps with protein digestion.



Meets your daily Vitamin C requirement naturally in one fruit

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and supports the normal function of you and your family’s immune system.  It also supports the formation of collagen that is essential to maintaining proper skin health.  Kiwi has the highest vitamin C content in commonly eaten fruit1


1Raw Fruits Poster. FDA website. https://www.fda.gov/food/food-labeling-nutrition/raw-fruits-poster-text-version-accessible-version

Nature’s unexpected Potassium source

2 Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit (162g) contain as much potassium as a banana.  Potassium helps to maintain normal blood pressure and fluid balance inside our bodies.  It also supports the normal function of our muscles and nervous system.

One of the most nutritionally dense fruits with a combination of 20 vitamins & minerals

Organic Kiwifruit contains an array of nutrients ranging from Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1-Thiamin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E (α-tocopherol) and  Vitamin K!




Taste the irresistible flavors of
organic goodness.


Zespri™ Organic Kiwifruit come in two delicious taste varieties:
“Zespri™ SunGold Organic Kiwifruit, which is unique to Zespri, has a subtle tropical flavor”
“Zespri™ Organic Green Kiwifruit is slightly tangy and punchy.”

-Letisha White, 4th Generation Organic Kiwifruit grower and Kiwifruit connoisseur.

The best way to experience



taste image 1

Zespri Organic Kiwifruit are best eaten when ripe.  Softer Kiwifruit tend to be sweeter.

taste image 2

To enjoy the optimum taste of your Kiwifruit, store them at room temperature. Place next to apples and bananas if you want them to ripen more quickly. If you want to keep them a bit longer, store them in the refrigerator.

taste image 3
  1. Cut in half and scoop with a spoon!

  2. Peel, cut, slice (a nutritious lunchbox addition).

  3. Blend your own SunGold™ smoothie!

  4. Heighten the flavor! Drop some slices into yogurt or oats.


Letisha’s Kiwi & Oats Breakfast Bowl

10 minutes
2 - 4

Letisha’s Kiwifruit-and-Berry smoothie

5 minutes

Nourishing Kiwifruit & Almond Salad

10 minutes

Nut Butter & Organic Kiwifruit

5 - 20 minutes
Makes 1 small jar

Harnessing the

Power of Nature


soil image 1
The secret to our Organic Kiwifruit: our soil.

Our growers spend 3 years preparing the rich New Zealand volcanic soil before planting Kiwifruit vines. Cultivating in high quality soil boosts water retention in our Kiwifruit vines, and in turn regenerates soil fertility and encourages the vibrancy of the biological activities in our orchards.

soil image 2
Grown using the best that nature provides.

Our expert growers test soil nutrient levels every year. Carefully guided by our soil mineral bible, we take care not to put in too much soil enrichment. What is in our soil enrichment? Only certified organic compost and fertilisers, sourced from seaweed and fish.

soil image 3
Cultivated in harmony with nature.

Our organic growers understand that our Organic Kiwifruit grow better when their natural environment thrive. Which is why they provide sufficient sustenance for the entire orchard’s habitats. They proactively remove plants that attract the harmful insects and replace them with those that attract beneficial insects.

Today I’m nurturing my own crop. My parents were taught to love the soil beneath their feet by their parents. I’m ready to carry forth this tradition as the fourth-generation grower. My parents taught me Kaitiakitanga: the Māori concept of looking after the land for future generations. It is grounded in this wisdom and with a grasp of the importance of biodiversity that I heeded my calling to become an Organic Kiwifruit grower.

I practice cultivation that is the harmony of time, soil, sunlight, rainfall, irrigation and organic pest control. It is also about applying grower knowledge and skills that have been passed down four generations. The ability to harness those natural inputs and utilise them in harmony with the plants’ natural growing cycles is very important.