Zespri Red Kiwifruit

Introducing Zespri™ Red Kiwifruit

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Discover one of nature’s true delights! With its vibrant red flesh, evolving layers of berry-like flavours, and explosive juiciness, Zespri™ Red Kiwifruit is loved by all who’ve tried it before. Watch the video below to learn more.

Mighty nutrition in a fruit

Zespri™ Red contains antioxidants such as anthocyanins that are naturally occurring pigments within the fruit giving the fruit its red colour and research has shown that anthocyanins can contribute to improved mood and wellbeing. That’s 100% natural goodness packed in one little fruit!

The exclusive Zespri™ Red Kiwifruit is the latest variant to come through Zespri’s world-leading kiwifruit breeding programme, in partnership with Plant & Food Research. It’s been through an extensive trial process, ensuring each fruit is of the highest quality, and it is delicious in every bite. Brought from the orchards in New Zealand, to your fruit bowl.

Quick tips to enjoying Zespri™ Red Kiwifruit


Savour Zespri™ Red Kiwifruit today!

Zespri™ Red Kiwifruit is seasonally available at major retailers in Singapore, around April - June* each year.

*Subject to changes