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How Many Calories and Carbs Does a Kiwifruit Contain?

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Do you want to find out how many calories are in a kiwifruit? We have the answer for you right here! We also have details on how many carbs a kiwifruit has and ways to combine it with healthy foods.

Kiwifruit calories

How many calories does a kiwifruit have

The calories in kiwifruits come from their natural sugars, which give both the Zespri™ Green and SunGold™ variety their juicy tastiness. But that’s not all there is in these little bundles of goodness. Kiwifruits are bursting with 16 essential nutrients.


Calories according to the type of kiwifruit

Surprisingly for such a sweet tasting snack, both varieties are low in calories. One Zespri™ SunGold™ kiwifruit contains an average of 48.4 kcals, whereas one Zespri™ Green kiwifruit contains an average of 49 kcals*. So basically, both varieties come in under 50 kcals. Not bad for something so delicious!

*Calorie estimations based on average kiwifruit weights: 89.7g for Zespri™ SunGold™ and 92.5g for Zespri™ Green


Kiwifruit carbs

How many carbs does a kiwifruit have?

Whilst the number of calories tells us how much energy a particular food contains, carbs are actually a type of macronutrient. This means it is one of the nutrients that your body uses in the largest amounts – and therefore an important part of your diet! We need carbohydrates – or carbs – to fuel our muscles, allowing us to move and exercise. But not all carbs are created equal. The healthiest sources are found in whole grains, vegetables, beans, lentils, peas, and fruits.  


Carbs according to the type of kiwifruit

There’s not a huge difference in the carb count of Zespri™ Green and SunGold™ kiwifruit. Overall, the yellow variety is slightly higher in carbs which you can see in the following numbers:

Zespri™ Green kiwifruit

The green variety has 9.8g of carbs per 100 g, which means that on average one piece of fruit contains around 9.1g of carbs*.

Zespri™ SunGold™ kiwifruit

The yellow variety has 11.1g of carbs per 100 g, which means that on average one piece of fruit contains around 10g of carbs*.

*Carb estimations based on average kiwifruit weights: 89.7g for Zespri™ SunGold™ and 92.5g for Zespri™ Green



Low calorie kiwifruit recipes

Keeping calorie intake under control without sacrificing taste can sometimes be a challenge. But with a pack of kiwifruits in the fridge it becomes easier! Take a look at some of our favourite low-calorie kiwifruit recipes below.


Avocado stuffed with fruits and veg

A snack or a starter with only 129 kcals? Yes please! We love how a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds adds a sparkle to this dish. The rich red colour is the perfect complement to the green hues of the kiwifruit and the avocado. As always, feel free to experiment with your own filling combinations. Black beans, cherry tomatoes, corn… we’re getting hungry just thinking of the many possibilities!

Discover how to prepare these stuffed avocados.


Cocoa, oatmeal and banana waffles with kiwifruit and blueberries

We know the title of this dish doesn’t sound very low-calorie, but don’t let that fool you! The waffles are made without butter or oil, which keeps the fat and calorie content down. The good news is that they still taste absolutely delicious – we guarantee that this recipe will please the whole family at breakfast time.

Find out how to prepare these Cocoa, oatmeal and banana waffles.


Smoothie with beetroot and yellow kiwifruit

What… only 115 kcals per serving? It’s true! Smoothie calories can quickly add up, but this recipe keeps the count down by including beetroot and raspberries in the mix. And as you can probably guess, this combination creates a vibrant dark pink colour that is impossible to resist!

Check out how to prepare this Smoothie.



Low carb kiwifruit recipes

To create a low carb dish with kiwifruit, the key is to combine it with ingredients that are high in fat and protein. If you do this in a smart way, you won’t add too many calories! The following recipes could be good options if this is your lifestyle of choice or if you want to enjoy a light meal.


Sugar-free energy bar

With less than 350 kcal per serving, these low carb energy bars are essential for those of us who get a little peckish between meals. Not only will they quickly satisfy your hunger, but they’ll provide a boost of energy to power you through the day.

Head this way if you want to try out our energy bar recipe.


Shrimp and green kiwifruit kebab

This low carb recipe is ideal for those weekend barbeques (or Sunday roasts if the weather isn’t so great). Plus, any leftovers will make a delicious lunch to take to the office the next day. Who said mouth-watering meals had to be high in carbs?

Discover the full list of ingredients needed to prepare this kebab.



Creating your own low calorie or carb kiwifruit cookbook

With so many delicious recipes at your fingertips, it can be hard to keep track of all your favourite low calorie and low carb dishes. So why not turn it into a little project? By saving the links to the recipes you like the most, you can create a personalised cookbook that can be consulted whenever you need a healthy snack or light meal. Better yet, share your links with your friends and form your own low calorie and carb cooking club! By discussing recipes together, you can have fun tasting and testing – it’s always easier to stick to healthy habits when we do it in a group!