4 plant-based breakfasts that won’t break the bank!

4 plant-based breakfasts that won’t break the bank!

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What do vegans or vegetarians eat for breakfast? Hint: It’s not just oatmeal! (Though we do love a big bowl topped with Zespri™ Green kiwifruit slices). The truth is, there are many delicious options out there if you know where to look. In this post, we’ll take you through 4 of our favourite plant-based breakfast ideas, all of which are hearty, delicious and protein-packed. Plus, they don’t require a lot of prep – we know how precious your time is in the morning.


As a first step, take a moment to think about what type of breakfasts you like in general. They don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian – just imagine your dream dish.

With this in mind, let’s start adapting your favourites to create a plant-based breakfast you’ll love waking up to.

1. If you’re a cereal lover

Try a spoonful or two of Zespri™ Green kiwifruit granolaStore-bought granolas can be full of sugar and other additives. Plus, they can be a little on the expensive side when you’re feeding a family. Gain control of your ingredients (and wallet) by trying a homemade version containing oats, dates, coconut oil, seeds and nuts. It is also a dish high in fibre, which can help get that digestive system moving in the morning. Plant-based perfection!


2. If you need something warm in the morning

Try a Zespri™ Green kiwifruit all-day breakfast burritoPeanut butter is a great breakfast choice for vegans or vegetarians, as its packed full of protein to keep you satisfied until lunchtime. But have you thought about using it in a warm dish? In this adventurous recipe, we combine peanut butter with banana and kiwifruit, then wrap it up in a toasted tortilla that is easy to eat on the go.


3. If you are a fan of toast

Try homemade Zespri™ Green kiwifruit conserveThe great thing about this delicious jam is that it can be made in advance and kept in the fridge, ensuring that you always have a dose of vitality ready and waiting at breakfast. Spread it on a slice or two of wholemeal toast and you’ve got a surprisingly tasty combination of sweet and savoury flavours: a plant-based delight!


4. If you need a sweet treat

Try these Zespri™ Green kiwifruit and banana wafflesA sugar rush may help you get up and out of the house in the morning, but the inevitable crash a few hours later is not so much fun. That’s why it’s a good plan to try sweetening your dishes the natural way. Zespri™ Green kiwifruit is a fantastic way to do this, as you can find out for yourself with this mouth-watering waffle recipe. If you’re vegan, you can swop the eggs out for a plant-based egg substitute (you can find them in most supermarkets). Enjoy!