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5 Vitality Kiwifruit Recipes

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What type of kiwifruit recipes do you look for when you want to boost your vitality? If you said breakfast recipes, then you wouldn’t be the only one. Many of us rely on the first meal we eat in the morning to top up our energy levels and prepare us for the rest of the day. But what about lunch, dinner, or snack time? 

Vitality is just as important later in the day, especially if we’ve got a busy packed schedule. Luckily, the breakfast kiwifruit recipes we have picked out below are versatile. Whether its 6am or 6pm, these delicious vitality packed dishes only take a few steps to prepare. Leaving you lots of time to enjoy them!


The best kiwifruit recipes for vitality

We’ll think you’ll agree – when it comes to choosing a recipe, especially for our families, we want one that is packed with a wide variety of nutrients. This isn’t hard when kiwifruit is the star of the show! Both green and yellow kiwifruit contain lots of vitamins and minerals, including fibre, potassium, and folate.

And since this post is focused on vitality, the best kiwifruit recipes are also the ones that are high in vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C can strengthen your natural defences and improve tiredness and fatigue*.  Since ZespriTM SunGoldTM kiwifruit provides 100% of your daily vitamin C needs in one delicious piece of fruit*, recipes including them are guaranteed to bring extra health benefits.

*Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

** One piece of Zespri SunGoldTM over 53g, or one piece of ZespriTM Green over 91g, provides 100% of the recommended Vitamin C daily value. Zespri SunGoldTM average weight: 89.7g, ZespriTM Green average weight: 92.5g.


Light French toast with kiwifruit and yoghurt

Grab a moment of vitality the moment you roll out of bed! We love this recipe because it’s simple yet satisfying. It’s quick enough to prepare on a workday, but also special enough to enjoy as a weekend brunch. Just one glimpse of that yellow kiwifruit resting on top of fluffy French toast is enough to put a spring in your step! 

Try it for yourself here.

Additions and variations

If you want to go completely dairy-free, swap in a plant based egg substitute and coconut yoghurt. As for the toppings – feel free to experiment with nuts, fruits and other morsels of tastiness. If you want the best kiwifruit recipe for your body, you’ve got to personalise it!


Toast with poached egg and kiwifruit    

A true vitality breakfast is light and lively, with no heavy ingredients to weigh you down. This healthy, quick-cook dish combines all the refreshing deliciousness of kiwifruit with classic morning ingredients such as eggs and yoghurt – truly no better way to start the day! And if you’ve never thought of putting kiwifruit on toast before, it’s time to think again. This surprisingly tasty combination of sweet and savoury flavours brings vitality with each and every bite. Need another reason to crown this one of the best kiwifruit recipes ever? Eggs are a considered a superfood, due to the high-quality proteins, good fats, vitamins and minerals they contain.

Find the list of ingredients and method here.

Additions and variations

Any of the usual poached egg variations works here – a rasher of bacon, a slice or two of smoked salmon – you know your favourite combination! You can also try a vegetarian option with spinach or avocado.   


Layered smoothie with kiwifruit and berries

We love this recipe for layered smoothie cups of kiwifruit and berries. It’s a huge crowd-pleaser – by including both varieties of kiwifruit you create a colour sensation! Bright and refreshing, it feels like a celebratory treat. Red berries and kiwifruit are a wonderful colour and taste combination, together providing the energy you need to keep spirits high. It’s also a dish that children can prepare – they will love to build up the colourful layers into a tower of taste, and they won’t even realise how good for them it is!

Discover all the details you need to prepare this smoothie here.


Additions and variations

You can experiment further with colour combinations by only using one variety of kiwifruit. For example, you could contrast green kiwifruit with mango, or yellow kiwifruit with avocado, spinach and kale. Also, instead of apple juice, why not add some dairy to the smoothie for an extra protein boost. One sip and you’ll be ready and raring to go!


Sandwich with kiwifruit, strawberries, margarine, honey, and crushed oats

Bored of store-bought sandwiches but think making your own would be difficult? The great thing about this delicious, yet simple to make, fruit-packed breakfast sandwich is that contains both fibre and vitamin C, so you’ll always have a dose of vitality ready and waiting at breakfast. In fact, ready and waiting at any time! Who says the best recipes have to be saved for the morning?

Master the art of sandwich making here.


Additions and variations

The above kiwifruit recipe uses honey, but you can easily replace this with a vegan-friendly alternative. Maple syrup, agave nectar and date syrup are all good options.


ZespriTM SunGoldTM kiwifruit chia breakfast bowl

Loaded with superfoods, this vitality breakfast is a sure-fire winner. With its tasty combination of unique and unexpected flavours, you can create the food boost you need at any time of the day. The nuts and seeds sprinkled on top also increase the fibre content of this kiwifruit recipe – yet another reason to add it to your list of favourites!

Learn how to make this breakfast bowl here.


Additions and variations

This is a dairy-free, vegan-friendly recipe, but you can always swop the almond milk for greek yoghurt, burrata, or any other ingredient that brings a delicious creaminess to the mix.