Our Communities


We want to make a positive contribution to people’s livelihoods and wellbeing, through the returns we provide to growers, the working conditions we provide for our people, and the contributions we make in our markets.


Our progress


We have a commitment to be an industry where workers feel valued, safe and supported and are treated fairly, including with respect to wages, working hours and benefits. We’ve made some positive steps forward in the last year in ensuring kiwifruit is an industry that people wish to work in. We’ve strengthened our compliance programme so that any contractors who fail to meet the standards we expect in the kiwifruit industry will be removed. This is behaviour that we know our consumers and customers expect and which we expect of ourselves.


Through 2020, a campaign ‘Get a kiwi as job’, led by NZKGI worked to raise the profile the jobs available in the kiwifruit industry, and continuing the work already underway to attract more talent.


The industry’s ever-improving health and safety programme continues to highlight the importance of good work practices and looking after people who work on-orchard and in packhouses.


At Zespri, our focus on inspiring and enabling Zespri people to be their best supports our ability to deliver great results for growers and shareholders.  A priority is supporting our people through the global pandemic and we continue to put people first, communicating frequently, and adopting a new flexible working policy and practices. On safety and wellbeing, we’ve rolled out driver training through practical courses for orchard-facing staff.  We’ve also introduced ‘Boost’ which focuses on wellbeing and mental health. During 2020 we launched our strategy for leadership across Zespri and introduced a refreshed performance framework giving people clarity on how their individual objectives align to Zespri’s organisational goals.


In 2020, in NZ, we partnered with the Young and Healthy Charitable Trust and launched the ‘Zespri Young and Healthy Virtual Adventure’ programme aimed at encouraging primary aged children and their families to eat better, be more active and environmentally conscious. This is just one of our many community initiatives.