Hi Zespri Supplier,


An email was sent to all our suppliers in September outlining changes to Zespri payments.  We understand not every supplier may have read or received the email due to various reasons and security settings across the globe that we cannot control. 


We have made a change to improve the payment process and manage invoices more efficiently.  To do this, we needed to create new email addresses for your invoices to be sent to according to your region.


This change took effect on the 10th of October 2023.


Please select from the relevant letter below based on your location for instructions on where to send your invoices.


  • Supplier Letter - SouthKorea
  • Supplier Letter - China
  • Supplier Letter - Japan
  • Supplier Letter - Taiwan
  • Supplier Letter - Vietnam
  • Supplier Letter - France
  • Supplier Letter - Greece
  • Supplier Letter - Italy
  • Supplier Letter - Europe (All suppliers in Europe excluding Italy, France and Greece select this letter)
  • Supplier Letter - Global (All other countries select this letter)